Feels like home at this enchanting stylish Lebanese Restaurant – Enab Beirut Dubai

Bright, Quirky, Picturesque few words to describe the newly added authentic Lebanese restaurant in Dubai, none other than Enab Beirut, located in City Walk Dubai.

Since I am working in a Lebanese company, I had heard so much interesting and good things about this restaurant from my colleagues, which makes me wanting to visit the place too, the problem is…. my hubby is not fan of¬†Arabic dishes ūüôĀ

I convinced him that they have a good salad, freshly made bread and most of it the ambiance is very nice.

In short, he doesn’t have any choice but to go with me. We had our lunch there last Saturday, I actually prefer to visit the place by dinner time but I realized that it would be crowded since it is during the¬†weekend.

That’s why I changed it to lunch and yes it is the best choice, we arrived around 12:30 pm and the place is still calm, by 1:00 onward few people started to arrive, group of friends and most are families.

Upon entering the hall these cute decors welcomes me, I feel so relaxed seeing all these vibrant colors.

Their chairs are cute complementing to the bright and refreshing colorful walls,  feels like I am inside a doll house, the couches are covered with printed mismatched cloth with a glaring and girly touch.

I informed my Lebanese friends about my experience and how I like the theme of this restaurant, they appreciate my comment but they are not surprised or amaze as they said, this is a normal decor of house in their country ūüôā

The restaurant is open from 09:00 am till 1:00 am throughout the week, this hub offers a variety of salad, cold & hot mezze and of course their famous grills.

The place gives me feeling of “Feels like at home” I remember when I was young visiting grandma’s house most of her pieces, decors are with a¬†floral touch.

The restaurant has 2 floors, the first floor is the nonsmoking area while for those fan of shisha & smoking the whole second floor is designated for them.

first floor

Stairs to 2nd Floor

2nd Floor hall entrance

An Ideal area for those couple on a¬†date and fine with a¬†smoking floor, I really want to have my picture in this corner but my hubby couldn’t enter the hall he can’t bear the smells of shisha as he has asthma.

Enough for the admiration to their decorations, Enab is not just about it but of course with their special meals.

Carrots, beans & below bread are served on compliments.

We had the  Fattoush Salad & the mixed Arabic grill, I chose these for safe options as for sure my hubby will like it.

The meats are fine, but we requested to grill it again as it is not overcooked, this a mistake from our side as I forgot to mention this point when I place our order.

The crew assisted us is very helpful and accommodating.

It’s nice but next time I would be only ordering the grilled chicken, we have a lot of leftover of Mutton Kebab. The taste is nice, but hubby is not really a¬†fan of meat.

He enjoyed the chicken and the grilled veggies with this freshly made bread.

And for the drinks we had the fresh carrots juice & wild berry frozen banana, both are nice and really refreshing.

I am not sure how to call the below food. This is served together with the salad.

The prices are fair enough for the taste, place, and service.

I took photos of the full menu so at least you would have an idea in case you will be visiting the place.

Prior to my visit, I tried to search for the menu to know what to order ahead of time, but couldn’t find anything on the net that day, so maybe this can be helpful for reference.

As much as I wanted to have a desert but we are full enough on our meals, maybe next time we can try their deserts as I know Lebanon has a lot of good options for sweets item.

The place is a must visit for those who are looking for a different new restaurant in Dubai, you will not regret it in all aspect, staffs are accommodating, nice and dependable in case you have any request.

Thanks¬†to my hubby for the lunch treat….till next time, hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

and this is me enjoying my day not realizing my outfit matching with the restaurant theme ūüôā


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