My first designer bag – Nylon Longchamp Le Pliage

The first designer bags that I fell in love with, the Longchamp Le Pliage.

 Actually, I have seen this bag a long time ago from my mom I was still at high school that time. It looks normal for me and nothing to be interested about.

But when my interest to bag grows and improved I had fallen in love with this style. I checked a lot of magazines, blogs and vlog about this bag to see how good it is and how practical having it.

I’ve done my research before purchasing it as I wanted to be sure that it suites on me before splurging my bucks on it.

My first Le Pliage was the large sized long strap in orange color but I sold it as I found it too big for me, and I was not confident that time to have a bright color bag, I am trying but feel uncomfortable. Unlike now which I prefer to have the striking and notable colors.

Below so far are my Le Pliage items (I had sold 2 of it the orange & hot pink) which I am regretting now 🙁

Medium & Small Le Pliage fits not only my preference but my body structure as well.

Personally, I prefer the smallest one I feel like a lady using it as handbag but my hubby finds it as a “lunch bag” hmpp he really doesn’t know about bag (just kidding)

The most used

My Favorite

I bought these lovely bags from Longchamp Mall of Emirates years ago, though I love it, but, I am a bit disappointed on the normal problem of this bag which is having frayed in the edge, I am not sure how to avoid it, If you have any advice guys please let me know so I can continue loving it.

3 reasons why I love this bag:

-Luxury brand in a bit affordable price

-Simplicity with a style

-Many colors to choose from

3 reasons why sometimes I hate it:

-The unavoidable having frayed at the edge

-Can be found on much online shopping site and selling it in very cheap price(not sure if its real)


(Only bag ladies can understand me)

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