90 Days Tourist visa for Filipino no more applicable

As per my blog last night, I dropped my brother in law in Deira for his exit to Oman for visa change. We applied his visa for a trusted travel agent and supposed to be it is for another three months visa.

In my shocked this morning, I received a message from my agent that three months visa policy has been changed and cannot issue for Filipino & Pakistani national. They only knew it this morning and it has been only approved last night.

Dubai Immigration instructed all travel agency to stop accepting applications for the 90 days tourist visa starting June 01, 2017.

For the nationality mentioned (Filipino & Pakistani), and the allowable visa application to be granted would be only for 14 or 30 days.

What a sad news for all Filipinos still on a tourist visa.

I reconfirmed this information to another travel agency and as per them, they are not sure whether this new rule is temporary or for a permanent stop. This new rule is applicable only for “new application” and those holding a 3 months visa so far are not affected.

(below screenshot I received this morning)

How I wished I followed my instinct to do his exit last Tuesday, but due to some reasons and advice from my travel agent I moved it to Wednesday 🙁

Information Source: My travel agent, double checked with Rio Travel & Tabeer Tourism

Note: Different rules applies in other Emirates, call your travel agent for more information.

Update as of June 04, 2017

Finally, the visa of my bro in law has been released this morning and yup they only issued a 30 days visa.



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