About Me

I am a huge fan of reading blogs about travel, lifestyle, DIY projects, expat success stories etc.  I secretly envy those people who have the courage to express themselves freely through their blogs and forum.

Since then, I always wanted to have my own website not only to express my self but to learn new things and to discover more about my self.

But every time I’m about to start, these two words always popped into my head the HOW and WHERE worries. Thanks to my ever supportive husband who patiently taught me and those two questions finally end.

“If you want it do something to get it, these are the words that I keep on telling myself ” to keep me motivated and positive.

This is my chance, my moment, no room for delays anymore!

And now, finally, my own website is set. Let’s see where it will lead me.

This page will feature the things I love, the places I’ve been and my new discovery.

Allow me to share as well my life story as a Dubai expat since this city has been my second home for almost 30 percent of my life.

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