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Abra Philippines Beautiful Province – Philippines Treasure

Abra Philippines Beautiful Province in the northern part of the Philippines.

It is a landlocked province on the Western side of the massive Cordillera region. Abra is the neighboring province of Ilocos Norte, Apayao, Kalinga, and the Mountain Province.

Philippine Map

This province holds captivating beautiful mountain views and historical treasures of the Philippines that are worth discovering.

Also known as the “Natural Dye Capital of the Philippines” simply because they are home of abundant natural dye-yielding plants. That use to color food, beverages, textiles, cosmetics, furniture, and pharmaceutical products.

How to get there by public transportation:

Abra in the Map

Abra Province in the Philippines Map

  • Travel time from Metro Manila last about 9-10 hours
  • There are 3 bus companies traveling from Metro Manila to Bangued
Dominion Line Bus
  • Cubao Terminal
  • Location:  701 Newyork Corner Edsa Cubao, Quezon City
  • Contact # +639238458171
  • Abra – Bangued Terminal
  • Location:  Zone 5 Bangued, Abra
  • Contact # +639223817895
Partas Bus
  • Cubao Terminal
  • Location: Aurora Blvd. Cubao, Quezon City
  • Contact # +639178193909 / (02) 727-1756 / (02) 727-8278
  • Pasay Terminal
  • Location: Aurora Blvd. Pasay City, Metro Manila
  • Contact # +639173186130 / (02) 851-4025 / (02) 725-1740
  • Abra – Bangued Terminal
  • Location: Zone 7 Bangued, Abra
  • Contact # +639178258183 / (074) 752-8262 / (074) 752-8612
Viron Transit
  • Cubao Terminal
  • Location: 697 Edsa Cubao, Quezon City
  • Sampaloc Manila Terminal
  • Location: 1209 Dapitan St. Sampaloc, Manila
  • Contact # (02) 741-6588
  • Abra Terminal
  • Location: Zone 5 Bangued, Abra
  • Contact # (074)752-3037

If you are wondering what this province can give you, below are some of the highlights of the Abra Philippines Beautiful Province

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Apao Rolling Hills

This is one of the most picturesque travel destinations in Cordillera located in Apao, Tineg.

Abra Philippines Beautiful Province - Apao Rolling Hills

Visitors will truly appreciate and enjoy the picturesque dry grassland from the top.

This spot provides an amazing view regardless of month or weather. During the rainy seasons, the plain brown and green grasses provide a relaxing atmosphere for travelers who want to feel the cool and fresh air.

Calaba Bridge

The longest modular bridge constructed by Waagner-Biro,  it measures 906m and spans the River Abra along with the Abra Ilocos Norte Road.

Built to connect the three towns that separate by Abra River, the La Paz, Danglas, and Lagayan.

Calaba Bridge

People are using a balsa ferry to transport people across the river before the construction of this bridge. However, it is not totally safe especially during the high water.

Calaba Bridge is a great relief for many residents for easy travel between the other town. Abra tourism industry considers this bridge as one of the attractions of this province.

Don Mariano Marcos Bridge

Located along the Abra kalinga National Road, Don Mariano Marcos Bridge’s completion was in 1974.

Don Mariano Marcos Bridge

This bridge gives the visitor a scenic view of the Abra River and the surrounding mountains and considered one of the longest bridges in the country.

Balbalasang – Balbalan National Park     

Also known as Mount Balbalasang National Park, it is one of the protected areas of the Philippines. The park covers an area of 1,338 hectares, also called as “green heart of the Cordillera”.

Abra Philippines Beautiful Province - Balbalasang National Park

The park consists of hardwood, pine, and mossy forest, additionally, a species of Rafflesia flower has also been found here.

Balbalasang National Park is home as well of 89 species of birds, 23 species of mammal, 13 species of amphibians, 13 reptiles and 25 pieces of earthworms

Kaparkan Falls  

If you are thinking one of the best reasons to go to Abra, well Karpakan Falls will be one of the answers to that.

Abra Philippines Beautiful Province - Karpakan Falls

It has an extraordinary appearance compare to other waterfalls in the Philippines. Multi-tiered spring terraces that gently cascade down the forest is one of the uniqueness of this falls.

Cassamata Hill National Park    

Declared to be as one of the protected areas in the Philippines in 1974, this park covers an area of 57 hectares.

Visitors will surely appreciate the panoramic view from above overlooking the small town, the whole expanse of the Abra River and valley by the Cordillera Central and Ilocos mountain ranges.

Abra Philippines Beautiful Province - Cassamata Hills

Cassamata Hill National Park also provides recreational facilities such as swimming pools, hotels, and amphitheater.

Lusuac Springs

An ideal resort for family and friends to enjoy if you are planning for the upcoming picnic and bonding. Crystal clear and cold water is totally inviting for a dip.

Abra Philippines Beautiful Province - Lusuac Spring

Pinsal Falls   

Also known as the Twin Falls of Ilocos Sur, the few kilometers drive from the town proper is all worth to see the naturally made beauty of crystal clear water and rock formations.

Pinsal Falls

The fall also boasts its kept hidden naturally made mini-pools on top, which is only accessible through a quick trek up to the mountain.

Piwek Rock Formation  

Natural beauty, gleaming white limestone rock formations are the highlights of this spot. You can find this farther down the road from Apao Rolling Hills.

Piwek Rock Formation

Sapilang Twin Falls  

Considerably as one of the unspoiled wonders of Abra.

Sapilang Twin Falls

Tangadan Tunnel 

Locally knowns as “Usukan” is the gateway to Abra. This tunnel is a popular landmark that welcomes everyone entering the province, it has a park where the monument of Gabriela Silang builds.

Tangadan Tunnel 

Layugan Garden  

This garden is one of the newest attractions in Abra that will mesmerize you with their 10,000 Tulips. Wondering if this is possible in the Philippines? Yes, it is, by those artificially made tulips led flowers. 

Layugan Garden

Though it is not real tulips, visitors still appreciate the beauty of this garden. Day or night the park provides a good view of those LED flowers with vibrant colors. The way they arrange the landscape looks real and makes you feel like in Amsterdam.

Ar-arbis Falls 

ArAbis Waterfalls

Abra is home to the famous Filipina in the history of the Philippines Gabriela Silang. She is the first revolutionary female leader of the Ilocano movement for Philippines independence from Spain 

And if you are into the arts and history, you can find the Gabriela Carino-Silang Gallery of FInes Arts and Gabriela Silang Monument in this province. This is one of the many historical gems you can explore from Abra.  
Gabriela Silang
Abra Province is considerably far from the capital of the Philippines, some Filipinos are not even been yet to this province. But one thing is for sure, Abra is just waiting for the feet of adventurer to experience its beauty.
Like what it’s province tourism slogan says Abra is Abramazing!    
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Enjoy your exploration!

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