Alexander Who? my mom is fashionista.

Alexander who? Alexander Wang, maybe you are referring to Vera Wang, I told my mom in a tone that as if I know very well the fashion icon.

And she told me, you don’t know Alexander Wang? he designs a bag for Balenciaga and now he has his own line… Uh oh 🙂

This is my argument with my mom like two to three years ago when she told me, that she will give me one of her bag which she is no longer using anymore as it is not practical to carry in the Philippines.

And, it’s in right timing as one of my besties went for a vacation in the Philippines, I asked her a favor to meet my mom to get a small package for me and she generously agreed.

When I got the bag, I found it so simple and no especial impact on the design it looks so plain for me. I couldn’t imagine my mom bought it. But of course, I am thankful.

Though I am not that impressed seeing it the first time, it changes after using it for more than 3 years. The bag is still in good condition no matter how many things I put on it considering my mom used it as well for few years.

Recently I’ve been using this most of the time, I appreciate now the simple look of this bag, it goes well with any outfit due to its basic color.

—The bag is so soft in slouchy design, it comes with this attached pouch where I put my wallet—

—The label is embossed finely—

—I love the bag stand which is in rose gold color, I guess this is one of Alexander trademark on his collections, how I wish this is scratch proof—

—This is my alternative bag for my LV never full in case I don’t like to use printed design—

Alexander Wang items in Dubai can be found in different high-end store such as Boutique 1 in Mall of the Emirates (link for other shops with AW items)

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