Atok Northern Blossom Flower Farm bus from Baguio

From Baguio City to Atok Northern Blossom Flower Farm

If you would like to visit Atok Benguet via public transportation you have to travel all the way first to Baguio City.
Atok is about 46 kilometer away from Baguio, that will take about 2 hrs travel time.

You can either take a bus or van from Dangwa terminal going to Sagada via Besao, bus schedule are;

0530am / 0830am / 1030am and the last trip is 0100pm

The fare is less than Php 300 each, if I remember it right it is between Php 250-275

We chose bus as we feel it is more safe than van due to the driving speed, this is only my
personal opinion, but if you are comfortable with van they have schedule as early as 05:00 am.

From Dely’s Inn we walked about 20 minutes to terminal station. Since we are an hour earlier from the first trip, we had enough time for a heavy breakfast great for a busy full day itinerary in our first day in Atok.

There is 7’11 store and restaurant exactly in Dangwa Terminal,

we made sure to have a great start of the day with a delicious, and our favorite Bangusilog meal.

The bus supposed to leave by 5:30am but they have a grace period up to 5:50 if incase bus is not yet full.

Exactly 5:50 am; we left Baguio and we are very excited for this trip.

Welcome to Atok

Along the road to Atok you can see this amazing view.

Hubby and I couldn’t explain how happy we are seeing this beautiful place, Philippines is truly blessed with many breathtaking view and Benguet is definitely one of them.

Atok is not included in my travel bucket list at all. In fact, I am not really aware about this province until I saw it from one vlogger who is working in Atok remotely.

After that video clip, I got hook and couldn’t forget how interesting visiting this place would be. From then I started planning for this trip, and here we are after one month our footsteps are ready to explore Atok amazing view.

Thankfully, after a long dizzy travel we reached at Atok safely, thanks to God. Our first destination here is the Northern Blossom Flower Farm.

You just have to inform the bus assistant to drop you off at Atok Municipality, from there The Northern Blossom Flower Farm is just few steps away.

Looking around you can see the simplicity of life here, I am very excited to see and experience what Atok offers to their visitors. I know this quick vacation will be great and worth it.


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