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Car Insurance in Dubai, Insurance Market

Processing a Car Insurance in Dubai or all over UAE is very accessible to get in the market. You can find a lot of good deals from the internet with all the insurance details.

No need to process it physically in the insurance office, from the inquiry stage up to the last step all can be done online. It is really convenient.

Just recently I had my car insurance renewal from the

My experience in dealing with them was great and smooth. Their portal to place your inquiry is easy to use and the agent response was quick. Make sure to put all your contact information correctly as you will receive their quotations through email with what’s up message or call follow up.

They will provide you different options, from various insurance providers to choose from. Once you got the quotations, this is the time to show your negotiation skills. Don’t easily accept their offers, free to discuss with your agent whatever terms or plan you are looking for. If that is reasonable they will surely do something to meet your expectations.

For the longest time, probably 6 years consecutively I am getting my car insurance in Dubai in the same company. Not because they have the best offer in the market, or their agent was someone you cannot deny with. It is just I don’t have enough time to do good research for the past years.

But due to COVID situations, everyone now has plenty of time for everything. Glad I am done complying with my car registrations and insurance this year.

Requirements and procedure for car insurance renewal:
  • Place your inquiry in the portal
  • The agent will send you the quotation, review, and negotiate
  • They will require a copy of the (Mulkiya or Car Registration, Driver’s license, Emirates ID, and few details from the previous insurance)
  • Once all are clear both sides, make the payment (ensure to do it from the company online payment portal, or deposit to company’s account name. Never to personal account)
  • The Insurance policy copy will be sent to your email once payment is done. And you are now ready to renew your car registration anytime.

Car Insurance in Dubai Policy copy

It is always better to process your car insurance on time, avoid delaying it as the price for the expired insurance is a little bit higher than the valid one. Also, the insurance provider to approve the expired renewal is very few in the market.

If your car insurance and registration is due, take advantage of the no-testing car requirement in Dubai. Like what I did, the amount I save is good enough to use for other stuff.

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