Carrefour Ajman Al Murad Mall Pinay expat

Carrefour Ajman Located in Al Murad Mall

Carrefour Ajman in Al Murad Mall is now on to serve you!

Carrefour Al Murad Grocery

Running in two years now the moment I decided to live my Expat life in Ajman. I remember my original plan was to stay only for a few months till we align our expenses and balance everything. But now, here I am loving this emirate so much and no plans yet to move out.

Comparing to other Emirates lifestyles,  Ajman CIty is simpler and inexpensive. House rents are almost fifty percent cheaper from Dubai, same goes for the car spare parts, clothing, furniture, and more. These are the factors why many foreign workers chose to live here though working in Dubai, and despite the daily traffic they need to face.

In addition to that, there are lots of supermarkets available in this area to cater to each individual needs, one of it is Carrefour Ajman

Mostly I am doing my groceries at West zone Supermarket coz it is nearby my house. But if there is stuff which is not available I need to drive for 15 minutes to Carrefour Ajman City Center. Sometimes I feel lazy for that drive, thankfully the Carrefour Ajman branch in Al Murad mall finally opened.

Carrefour Ajman Al Murad Mall

It is nearby West zone Grand Mall as well. It would be convenient for many residents of the Al Nuameya area.

I hope it will not affect the business of each grocery store, as both caters to different types of shoppers.

So if you are planning your ‘groceries to do’ guys for the weekend, try to visit this branch.

Carrefour Ajman Al Murad Mall newly opened

The parking area is available for shopper’s convenience.

Location Map

Enjoy your grocery shopping guys!

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Ajman Ladies park

Ajman Ladies park

Ajman Fish Market

Ajman Fish Market


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