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Growing up I was showered with gifts from my mother, not because we are rich or came from a well off family, in fact like what I mentioned in my previous blog, I am a part of the modern family “not broken but incomplete”

My mom is a hardworking OFW and for her, the least she can do is to regularly have a one month vacation every two years and of course to pampered us with gifts.

The advantage of being the only daughter, she always gave me a jewelry as her presents.

That time I don’t appreciate it much, I don’t even know the value of it. It is just kept in my drawer using it if there are any special occasions.

But unfortunately, I lost all of it when I was in college when our house went for a small renovation I didn’t notice how it was lost:(. Just try to imagine what my mom did to me.

Anyways, this blog is not about the drama of my punishments. Instead, about my appreciation in jewelry has developed, and I realized now why she reacted that way.
I started my interest in jewelry late 2012, it is influenced of my mimiw (hubby).

My mimiw doesn’t have any interest in this stuff neither, but since he is surrounded by Indian colleagues (you know what I mean) Yup some Indians have a different mentality when it comes investing their money, normally when they have extra income or some of them really allot of budget to buy gold, as for his colleague it is better to buy golds while working here in Dubai rather than spending the money towards things that lose its value in time, and that’s how it started…

I would like to share you guys below few, simple but cute necklaces I got.

—Our first purchase, simple and common necklace with heart pendant—

The good thing here in Dubai, it is more affordable to buy gold not just because it is much cheaper but there are many stores offered good options.

When we bought our first jewelry in Damas, the sales executive informed us that in case we want to buy next time, we can reserve the item with a minimal down payment and can pay it in installment for a specific number of months, once fully paid we can get the item. So at least that flexibility is much easier for those who are planning to invest in gold but don’t want to pay it one time as they might using their money in some other things, this offer sounds interesting for us.

And after few months we came back and reserve this cute limited edition item.

—Most of the time, this is the piece I am always using, so in love with this cute dragonfly—

As far I remember we paid for it for almost 6 months, it is a good idea as well to keep you motivated to ensure to save a portion of your salary.

My mimiw and I decided to call this as our project we set a specific value to reach, as when we get married it seems we forgot the word save.

I love the idea, an investment and at the same time, I can enjoy using it.

That’s why if you can notice, the styles are simple and not too extravagant as I want something I can use on normal days.

After finishing my -Dragonfly project – we targeted the below.

—What I like about with this design, is the pearl accent, reminds us of our country being pearl of the orient seas—

This piece goes with any of my outfits, my only problem in this one is its lock which is a bit hard to use.

I am proud, below is paid in cash 🙂 the thinnest chain piece we have, cost of it is not more than AED500.00

We bought this one in Jawhara Jewelry shop almost a year ago, so far the last necklace purchased.

In person it looks like for “teenager” but I really like the color pink touch on it since it is my favorite color, I never grew up.

While the other three are all from Damas.

I realize while doing this blog about my consistency of choosing the pendant, seems they always have similarity. But believe me while choosing it in the store, I am not realizing it.

But it is ok, I found it cute.

—Dragon Fly and Butterfly—

—Heart to Heart—

Note: this post intention is just to share and inspire not to brag.

In case you would be interested in adding few pieces to your collection, I suggest to only buy in trusted jewelry store. I have an experience that my friend bought a jewelry in Satwa and when she showed it to the pawnshop in the Philippines it was fake, she didn’t know which shop she bought it, as that time she purchased few pieces in different store and unfortunately one of it turned out fake so be careful guys.

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