To see is to believe amazing Daranak Falls Tanay

I finally see the place that I always thought never exists.

Reading my introduction I felt it sounds a heavy word but it is not literal though. I only meant that I never imagine that this place is really a beautiful one.

If I remember it correctly the first time I heard about this place was 25 years ago. It is when my parents told me how their love story begins and their favorite dating places back then.

Since they are residing in Marikina the accessible getaway destination is somewhere Antipolo and Tanay which known having different waterfalls. According to them, it is really famous destinations in their generations.

But I never thought that it would be as lovely as the other provinces in the Philippines I’ve been. Though I always heard this place from them it never gets my attention to visit it.

Just recently when I am browsing my mom’s facebook page I saw my nephew and papa’s photo enjoying the waterfalls. I really thought they travel somewhere far, my reaction was “WoW’ when they told me it is in Daranak Falls.

Then, I ensure to include exploring Rizal province in my upcoming The Philippines 2017 vacation. And here you go let me share you the activities we did during my last December 2017 awesome thrift trip.

From our San Mateo Rizal house, we drove for about one and half hour including traffic to reach Tanay.

We had a hard time driving, the roads are a bit slippery as it was a rainy December day.

The travel challenges are all worth it meeting this welcoming waterfalls.

The entrance fee of Php 50.00 per person is fair enough to experience this refreshing view. Manila-based quick getaway fanatic doesn’t need to travel hundreds of kilometers to enjoy a natural scenery. They would definitely appreciate this must go to destination.

Open parking is available.

Found this bridge ideal for a prenup session.

Appreciating life. (insert my papa dear)

Renting a cottage is optional the cost is valid for the whole day. Since we brought our own food for lunch we opt to rent one.

No worries for those who don’t want to bring their own meal as there is one cafeteria inside the park.

Our chosen cottage

Waterfalls is just a few steps from our cottage. Have to be extra careful in each step with this rocky road.

You can feel the justice and fairness seeing how the water areas naturally divided. It looks really made for everyone to enjoy regardless of your swimming skills.

Shallow part for those who don’t know how to swim.

The adventurous part, the waterfalls is a 14 meter high. If you are not confident in your swimming skills better to use the life vest available. I am not sure how deep the plunge pool is!

And for those who just want to chill, you will love just sitting under this….

My papa dear behind me enjoying the cold water. The waterfalls pressure is relaxing felt massaging my back & head.

We really enjoy the time spent in Daranak Falls we felt relax as the place was quiet and calm.

with my 2 sweet nephews

But as per mom don’t be fooled by what I saw during summer period the place is totally full. So good thing we went during December and we did enjoy soaking under the waterfalls freely.

OFW vacation quality really depends on how you spent it not the amount you spent on it.

My oldest nephew was sad in this photo as he still wants to stay and swim. Sorry baby we still have other places to go.

Friendly note:

  • Entrance fee for adults and kids are the same Php 50.00
  • Table / Cottage rental varies from Php 200-300 full day
  • The restroom is chargeable at Php 5.00 per usage.
  • There is a minimal tourism fee applicable
  • Resort is open from 08:00 am – 5:00 pm seven days a week.
  • Liquor is not allowed to bring inside the resort.
  • Be mindful of other guests loud music should put on considerate volume.
  • If you find the place ideal for prenup pictorial there is a fee of Php 1500.00
  • Though there are few cats, dogs and even chicken inside bringing your pet is not acceptable:)
  • How to get there click this link >>>>>>>>>>

Thank you Daranak Falls team,  for being accommodating and friendly to your guest. I hope that coming generations would still have the chance to enjoy this resort.


Next stop at WindMill Pilila Rizal

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