Dubai a City of EST – A Glimpse at Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai the city of EST

Yes! Dubai is a city of EST, not just an establishment, but it is a city of  Biggest, Tallest, Newest in everything.

Imagine anything that human can build, for sure Dubai, have it if not, it will definitely rise.

The city provides jobs to many expats because of their continued projects, they always have new developments that excite the community. From the newest mall with different concepts to different theme parks, whether indoor or outdoor or anything that they can do which is potential to attract investors or tourists, that is why they never get bored in visiting and investing in this place no matter how expensive this country is.

Now, the Emaar projects located in Ras Alkor (Dubai Creek Harbour) are something to wait for, it is still ongoing and might take a year before its completion. But the area is already opened for viewing, try to drop by before the summer period strikes again. You will enjoy the view, and since the place is not yet totally completed, it is not crowded, it is ideal spot just to hang out and relax for a while either with your friends, loved ones or even by yourself only, few cafes are already operated you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a good scene of Dubai


Their Showroom


I love the interior

Kids will enjoy playing in this rubberized floor spacious playground


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