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Eat Fresh Hongkong authentic chinese food in Marikina

Eat Fresh Hongkong in Marikina

Marikina is known for being a home of many restaurants that serves authentic and delicious dishes. From the fancy restaurants at Fernando Gil street to the small alleys you will always discover a place that offers great food satisfy your cravings.

An addition to many must-visit food hub here in Marikina is definitely the Eat Fresh Restaurants. They serve variety of authentic Chinese cuisines that are all worth to try.

One of their best sellers is Laksa, the creaminess and taste is just great.

This place is great especially if you want to have your meal whether indoor or outdoor settings.

The place is also accessible from main road, parking is not a problem here too as they have an onsite parking space for their guests.

So if you are planning to have your Chinese food day any moment why not give the Eat Fresh Hongkong a try,once tried you will surely you will keep coming back.

This is what we ordered when we first tried their meal.

Eat Fresh Sausage and pacchoy

Sausage with Packchoy

eat fresh laksa

Eat Fresh Laksa

Eat Fresh Duckfeet

Eat Fresh Duck feet

Eat Fresh Milktea

Eat Fresh milk tea

Eat Fresh Fried Rice

How to get here?
Eat Fresh Marikina map


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