Explore the real Ajman – Fish Market

Ajman is the capital of the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates.

This part of Emirates is just less than an hour away from the modern city of Dubai. Nevertheless, Ajman gives a different homey, and more peaceful ambiance.

Life in here seems simpler than in other bigger Emirates. The cost of living is cheaper as well in terms of housing, some food items and clothing cost.

Three months back we’ve decided to move here from Dubai. With this span of time, I must say I really enjoy exploring this city. A lot of thrift shops, supermarkets, and a simple restaurant are available all over Ajman.

One of the best places to visit and experience real Ajman and its culture is their Fish Market.

The fish market shows that Ajman region is still in touch with Emirati roots and history. Not many are aware but fishing is one of the deep tradition in the UAE culture.

What most interesting in this market is their twice a day auction. It is common to see many buyers are haggling with fishmongers. Various seafoods are so attracting as many of it are totally fresh and had been brought ashore that day.

As expected in every bargain market the place would be totally alive and crowded. So if you are uncomfortable with this scenario better to skip their auction timing in morning and evening. During those time different people from another part of Emirates are there busy and eager to get the best deal they can.

I’ve been to Dubai Fish Market the Old & One but the experience I had in Ajman is totally different. Here you can feel the real Emirati life as there are many simple local national you can interact with.

For sure many expats living here for quite long already experience the best of this country. But not all have witnessed the real thing and life of simple Emiratis. So if you are like me having fun in exploring simple places, a visit to this Fish Market is totally worth it.

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