Filipino Officemates, what can you say about them?

Filipino Officemates, what can you say about them?

In my previous blog, I had shared with you the many positive attitudes of Filipino Workers abroad. Those compliments come from the observations of many foreign employers to their Filipino staff.

All those traits are positive and employers value and love.

With my work experience abroad for many years, I’ve seen how Filipino workers are good in their fields. They really do their job well with passion and sincerity.

Aside from giving importance to the company and employer, the main reason behind the great work is; it is the bread and butter of the family back home.

That is why they are ensuring that the work they are doing is their best level, 101%. It is for their employer’s satisfaction and acknowledgment.

However, no matter how the employers appreciate these good qualifications of Filipino workers, colleagues will see it in another way. Businesspersons and workers will never have the same way of seeing those attitudes.

The supposed positive and good attitude might look negative for some colleagues, or even Filipino officemates.

 Let me share with you some of those. But, before that promise me that you will not take this personally or think that I am creating a fuss between Filipinos. This is just to share with you the experiences I had working in the corporate world abroad for over a decade. And here they are;


Filipino Worker Attitude in Colleagues Perceptions


You are wrong if you think that Pinoy job applicants are happy to hear that the firm they are applying to have many Filipino workers. Filipino in Abroad mostly believes that it is better to work with a different nationality than with the same Filipino. Why? because they see fellow Filipino as a perfectionist.

Employers would definitely appreciate the perfectionist employees, but colleagues just don’t.

They feel that some Filipinos are paying so much attention to the tiniest details that sometimes annoying. Minor mistakes will look like a crime issue when reported to the management. And worst, simple wrong grammar or punctuation is like a big issue.

Just be chill guys!


Who wouldn’t want to have a multi-tasker staff, I guess no one. Employers definitely love to have a multi-tasker employee, that save time and cost-efficient. 

Filipinos abroad are known for being good at multi-tasking. For some foreign employers, they are the best employees to have.

But, for a fellow worker or Filipino Officemates, this skill is intimidating. Especially if one staff shows to the management that they can do all kinds of work in every department.

This is great and impressive skills, but one should know their limit and respect other workers.


Filipino workers view seniority (long service) as showing respect to their colleagues. But sometimes because of this, the new staff career growth is being controlled. New talents are not being discovered and use to full potential, as some of their senior colleagues blocking their way.

Respecting the senior colleagues are good deeds however the senior staff shouldn’t let the newbie feel they are untouchable. At the end of the day, they are all the same, working hard with their sweats for others’ kingdom.


Or, territorial. When they see new staff that with potential looks and might threaten their position they will immediately open their fangs and let the newbie know “this is my territory” Some Filipino workers always feel that everyone at work is their rivals. Rivalry practice might make one feel that the company they are working at is not a healthy environment and there is always competition.

If you are not good at working with rivalries, you may not work long with that kind of environment.

Competition brings out the best of some workers, but for some, this is depressing, and just choose to give up. If this attitude doesn’t exist at work maybe no one would like to resign.

Crab Mentality

Because of the above last 2, sometimes it leads to this not so good attitude of many Filipino which is the crab mentality. Many of you are very familiar with this, but in case you are not aware of this, this is an attitude that one wouldn’t want seeing people around them to be successful or even being ahead even only a few steps. 

This attitude is the hardest attitude to deal with some Filipino workers. Aside from it is not healthy in a career, it is suffocating mentally.

Jealousy is the root of this attitude, we should remove it from our heart. Always remember that being jealous is bad biblically and practically.  


Have you experienced the above with your colleagues, or Filipino Officemates? if so, share with us how you survive from it, your advice might help a lot of people having a hard time adjusting to that kind of work place…Your thoughts might inspire them to maintain their joy while working hard.


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