Hot Palayok Dubai our unplanned dinner, to come back or not?

Hot Palayok, another newly opened Filipino restaurant in Dubai, this is their second branch in UAE the other one is located in Abu Dhabi.

Supposed to be we will only stay in the house for the whole day and prepare a homemade dinner, but the plan has changed. I went to dragon mart to do some bill payments and unfortunately I haven’t notice that I left my mobile at home, my mimiw (hubby) is waiting at the parking I told him just to wait for me and I will be fast.

When I am finished doing all my things and about to call him, I found out my mobile is not in my bag.

No choice, I need to search for him for almost 20 minutes at the parking, I’ve checked each corner and I really sweat a lot. I want to borrow phones from someone to call him but it would be nonsense I know him very well, He wouldn’t answer it if it’s not a registered number especially it is weekend and almost 7:30 PM

Finally, I found him so relaxed inside the car while listening to music, and I is sweating, tired, thirsty and starving.

He suggested just to have dinner outside, and it seems there is like a bulb popped in my head (like in cartoons) oh yeah good idea, let’s go to Hot Palayok restaurant as I am really planning to visit the place next week, so just let’s do it tonight.

So from International City we drove all the way to Karama for about 20 minutes, supposed to be I will only have bangusilog and my mimiw is tapsilog. But we got attracted to the foods in the buffet section and the price is reasonable too.

Ok let’s get it on, we tried their buffet dinner at AED49.00 per person (drinks not included)

Choices of the menu are many, they have a counter for sushi & makki and of course the authentic Filipino main dish and mouthwatering desserts.

For the starter, I tried their creamy seafood soup & few sushis.

Love it

Then for the main dish, I had the tuna, beef & chicken sisig, Kare kare I love my choices except for the bagoong, I don’t prefer the way they did it (my favorite bagoong I ever tried is in Pampaguenos restaurant)

The place is a bit crowded that’s why I wasn’t able to take photos of each cuisine, but they have really a lot to choose from.

For the refreshments, we ordered carrot juice & big water. I didn’t eat much of the main dish as I’m saving the space to my favorite desserts 🙂 my weakness.

This is the desserts counter, they have 2 choices of cakes, turon, different kalamay, my favorite palitaw, brownies and the never to missed halo halo with ube on top.

I love all the desserts especially the below, but I don’t know what do you call this.

My dessert’s plate (2nd round)

The place is really spacious and clean, the modern design of the restaurant is awesome, for sure this would be another favorite food hub of the Filipino community in Dubai.

Seems all the Kabayan are enjoyed with their foods.

But of course, the restaurant business success is not only based on the food taste, another factor is having a good staff, treating the customers at their best level.

And salute to the team, from the entrance till we left I never encountered any staff without having their important uniform which is the genuine smile.

Till next time Hot Palayok, looking forward in trying your other dishes.

It is located in Al Wasl Hub Karama

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