I never felt beautiful till I met my husband

Today is just a normal day, first day of work after the enjoyable weekends. I feel lazy going for work didn’t imagine that this day will be a day of reminiscing and appreciation of my husband,  as one of my colleague asked me a questions that makes me paused for a while.

I believe in the saying that the beauty is in the eye of beholder, each one of us has our own definition of beauty. Some prefers mestiza look while I prefer tanned complexion.

In my life I never felt beautiful till I met my husband, I am not saying this to compliment, praise my hubby I just want to share to those ladies who are waiting for their perfect match to be patient and the person who will truly love them will come.

My colleague asked me if I am jealous type of wife, I paused for a while and answered her directly that I am not sure, she asked me how come I didn’t know?

Because my husband never gave me a reason to be jealous ever since, from the day he courted me He always makes me feel beautiful and precious, he makes me feel secured. That’s why I’m not sure if I am jealous type of wife or my husband is just too good. Actually I really don’t know why he got crazy over me 🙂

From the day one we’ve met each other, both of us seen all our shortcomings, there is no chance for us to hide our true personality. I’ve met him through common friends and we are very casual with each other, both of us found each other as a snobbish person. But eventually after hanging out with same group of friends we realized that we are not.

Till he asked me if he can court me. My husband courted me in a very traditional way, he is visiting me at our flats bringing fruits and snacks, he is very patient with me that time as I was confused on my self if I am ready to love again. Wow as if we are in telenovela, but really that is exactly what happened.

Why I am confused? simply because I forgot what is the feeling of being in loved, I was not in relationship for more than 3 years when he courted me. I flew to Dubai with broken hearts and I never imagined that I will meet here the person who will love me truly and would accept my craziness. I already convinced myself that I will grow old alone, I planned that I will save up to buy my small house for my retirement while taking care of couple of cats, I know I may sound overacting but these are really my thoughts and feelings back then.

Despite of these feelings, of course there are part of me that I want to be with someone but I am scared. When he finally asked me if I can be his girlfriend, I am unsure but I said Yes, but I was confused why I didn’t feel any romantic excitement, I want to love again, I want to marry but why there is no spark at all , what happened next? the following day, I sent him an email apologizing that we need to broke up as I was not sure about my feelings and I don’t want to be unfair to him. But he is really persistent, he told me that I am just worried and lets just continue our relationship. He promised that he will love me and never hurt me so I agreed and continue whatever we had started, its like we are in an official relationship but like a friends knowing each other deeper.

I am really crazy doing that, what if he just agreed to part ways maybe I am not this happy and contented in life, I didn’t only found a husband in him but a real best friend who is always on my side, supporting me in any thing that I want, discouraging me if he knows my decisions might not be right, comforting me when my hormonal imbalance strikes and makes me feel hey cheer up everything will be alright!!

Our relationship looks perfect but in reality it is not, both of us are far from perfection but the way we accept each other imperfection and love each other weaknesses, that’s makes us feel that our bond is perfect.

For all ladies having the same negative thoughts back then, be positive, you will never know how you will meet your true love.

I never imagined that I would be happily married because of all the heartaches I’ve been through, but my husband is such a blessing he makes me realized to see in me that I am beautiful.

We’ve been married for almost 6 years but it seems nothing changed on the way he looked at me and the way he treats me like a princess.

I am not exaggerating the story but if you will know us personally you will see what I mean, most of our friends are getting crazy on our relationship.

P.S. while typing this blog he asked me why I am smiling, I said nothing…. he just said, ahh your just getting crazy again:)

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