Igorot Stone Kingdom Baguio what to expect here

Igorot Stone Kingdom Baguio

One of the most must visit in Baguio City nowaday is definitely the Igorot Stone Kingdom.

The view, ambiance is new, and unique that will surely appreciate by all ages.

Igorot Stone Kingdom

is a man-made park that showcasing the creativity and skills of Igorots. When you are here you can feel their rich tradition and culture.

These two giant figure will welcome you at the park.


During your visit make sure to wear your most comfortable shoes, aside that the area is about 6000 squaremeter in size you might get tired easily as you need to exert an effort to climb up to see the park best view from above.

If you you are looking for a new place to explore in Baguio City then the Igorot Stone Kingdom is a great choice for you.

You will surely mesmerize to its beautiful stone-formed castle structure.

Location and How to get here

From Burnham Park the Igorot Stone Kingdom is just about 2.5 km away, you can either go for taxi that approxiamtely starts at Php 150.00 up depends on traffic. Or, if you are like me who prefers to explore the new places in a more budget-friendly and local way you may want to use jeepney instead. You can find the jeep that pass by Igorot Stone Kingdom  accross from Rizal Park, near Burnham Park. As low as Php 14.00 one-way you can enjoy your trip to this amazing park.

Entrance Fee: Php 100 per adult

Location: mountainside of Long Long Road, Pinsao Proper, Baguio City

Park Timing

For me the best time visiting the park is early in the morning since the Igorot Park is an outdoor park the place tends to be hotter after 10:00am. So for you to avoid so much sunlight exposure make sure to be here as early as you can. The park open from 0600am till 0600pm. Plan your itinerary ahead of time you may want to explore Igorot Park in the morning or atleast when temperature cools down late afternoon.

My recent trip to Baguio was unplanned and real quick, the only time I have to spend at this amazing park was from 830am to 1130 am; It may look so rush but that was enough for me to enjoy and appreciate the entire place.

The must to do

Another great experience that Igorot Stone Kingdom offers is you haveva chance to explore the place while wearing an Igorot national dress. That idea is really fun and interesting, while your eyes are enjoying with the beautiful view the dress add ambiance in your mood that as if you are a local. The costume rental fee is very reasonable you can use it for your entire stay here for as low as Php50.00 / less than one dollar

Walking around the park is extremely exhausting you will surely feel want to have a meal after a long walk, nothing to worry as food hub is availble just incase you dont have time to prepare for your meal prior going here. They sell sandwiches, noodles, siomai and more. To quench your thirst variety of cold drinks are available as well.

Do not leave the park without trying their famous strawberry ice-cream, each cone is also Php 50.00

I would have eaten at least 2-3 cones of this icecream If my sugar level is just fine.

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Your travel adventure without a nice photo wouldn’t be complete.For me, aside from the experience and memories there is no such good souvenir to bring home than a photo. It is a small piece that so powerful that can bring back old memories even when you get old. You can always look back on to reminisce your great vacation.

There is available photographer in the park that can give you a nice shot from this view, if you want the printout copy it is just Php150 each. They are kind enough as well to assist you taking a photo from your own camera.

Aside from a photo souvernir you can buy different souvenirs in the area, from the never-ending ref magnet, keychain and more.

It is best if they will create a miniature of Igorot Stone Kingdom to make it more personalized as most of the souvenirs are just about the Baguio destination itself.

With my quick visit at the Igorot Stone Kingdom I would definitely say that it is worth visiting. This is really a great addition to Baguio’s must-see places. Similar with other tourists, I am grateful to experience and see the beauty of this park.

Half mile away from Igorot Stone Kingdom you can also visit the Tanawan village to appreciate our heritage more, you can see here different art work and you will have a chance to watch a cultural dance performance.


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