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McDonald’s Dubai after Lock Down only 5 persons allowed

McDonald’s Dubai the first food-chain I visited after the lock-down.

Prior to the lock-down announcement in UAE, have you still remember guys the last day you had eaten out? well, for me it was March 23. I never thought that was almost 2 months ago, time was indeed fast.

I would say during my non-working days, I had lived my life in the most healthy way. All the foods that hubby and I had are all products of my hands.

But it seems, the easy food temptation is just back. After two months I found myself again in this yummy but not so healthy fast-food chain.

My visit to McDonald’s Dubai Karama branch is not about satisfying a craving or missing their food so much. It was just a coincidence.

I had a meeting to attend in Karama area and need to grab a quick lunch before that. I didn’t have any food yet since morning till 3:00 pm, I was feeling dizzy at that time.

However, I am not totally sure if there is a non-mall located food chain open during Ramadan, I was thinking about where and what to eat. Unexpectedly I saw McDonald’s Dubai Karama branch in a gasoline station, it was a relief.

Eating out for the first time after months feels weird and totally different, I was feeling anxious every time there are people near me. It makes my temper a little bad, and wants to confront people to remind ‘Hey what about the social distancing? I know I need to fight this negative reaction, I should be careful but never be a bad person.

Understandably, in this world’s situation being a paranoid seems will be normal.

McDonald’s Management strictly implements social distancing and hygiene protocols.

Before letting me in, they took my temperature and gave me a sanitizer. After that standard, you are now free to proceed to counter and start your order.

Stickers are all over, from the floor to seating area there are instructions about the social distancing rules.

McDonald's Dubai sticker guide at the chair

In addition to that, there is a note that only 5 people can stay in the dining hall. That would be a big adjustment as that hall can fit a minimum of 20 people and can squeeze to 30.


McDonald's Dubai hall which is allow only 5 people

Though my visit was not on purpose, I am happy to taste their burger again and to see the “new normal” lifestyle.

McDonald's Dubai my meal

My first dine out after the Lock-down is memorable yet worrying. Though I enjoy my meal, there are a few worries and crazy thoughts in me. After I left the store, I am praying hard that I am fine, and virus free from that place.

To be honest, this current situation has a big impact on everyone. All of us need to adjust and adapt to it for our health safety.

Looking around the Karama area makes me emotional. I felt that my first day of arrival in this country was just yesterday, those days are totally different comparing this time. Let’s just hope that everything will be better soon.

For now, keep safe everyone and please follow all the guidelines for you and other concerns too.

Thanks for dropping by, and let us all enjoy the long Eid Holiday safely.


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