My husband and I battle with depression-3


Any patients are expecting to feel relief and comfort upon visiting a doctor but our visit is a stressful one.

Apology but I forgot his name anyways he asked us to explain hubby’s situation.

We told him the full details from the day one he felt the sudden nonstop palpitation and light headed feelings.

I felt sorry for hubby as I can see how tired he is every time he needs to explain his situations. Aside from that both of us are still in denial on the diagnostic.

After the long explanations the doctor agreed with us, that hubby has panic attack issue. But we wanted to understand it better, why it happens, is it curable and how we will handle it.

Instead of getting a refreshing answer he simply told us the below;

“Listen, his case is self-explanatory from the word itself panic attack you can search it in google. Just type the word P A N I C K attack (he literally spells it letter by letter). Then it will show you many different references that can explain you the meaning of it.”

My timid voice suddenly changed to a sarcastic one I told him this way;

“Doc the reasons we went here is to have a better understanding of my hubby’s situation from a professional person. If you will tell us to check it in google what is the point of consulting you?”

Thank God my parents raised me well if not I might tell him sarcastically that panic doesn’t have a K. Good thing I managed to calm down.

He comforted us and explain his reasons why he wanted us to check it by ourselves. He said it would be useful for us etc and a lot of unbelievable explanations.

As per him that the best medicine is to accept that hubby has the panic attack. He justifies it with this example.

“We know that hitting the wall by our head will cause us extreme hurt, that is why we are respecting the natural law on it same on your condition accept that you have panic attack try to relax and calm down when you feel it and soon you will be alright.”

After that we left the clinic feel so down we are not really convince and satisfy with that doctor. That time we felt scammed with the amount of AED 750.00 (consultation fee)

During those time I really don’t know how to handle hubby. The person I knew who was a strong, fighter and confident changes to an emotional, weak and unmotivated guy.

That time I felt I am living with a different person, I really had a hard time to adjust. I felt that I started to lose the man who has been my strength for the past 3 years.

I kept on checking few doctors that might help him and explain us better how to handle this so challenging trial for us. Few days passed, I found another doctor in Satwa area, she is a Russian doctor. I was positive that she is good and more caring to her patient.

During the conversation I can feel her sincerity, the same scenario she asked us to explain everything from the start.

As per her assessment, hubby reaches his maximum stress limit from his work, personal matter or even the hard experience he went through from childhood.

She assures us that nothing to worry about, hubby’s case is simple compare to her other patients all we have to do is be cooperative and follow her instructions.

After the conversation she informed hubby that they will communicate through email, hubby needs to answer her questions and sometimes he needs to write his feelings in one particular day.

I don’t have any idea what did he wrote it is just between him and doctor.  As per him, it is a good therapy to write his feelings and thoughts for the day it somehow relaxes his mind.

But for me, I cannot see any improvement on him maybe I was just missing the old him. Still, I was hoping for the best result.

On his third session doctor informed us the result, as per her my hubby’s case doesn’t need a psychologist nor her words of encouragement instead we need to seek help from a psychiatrist.

We are a bit confused as what we knew psychologist and psychiatrist are the same. She explained that psychiatrist can prescribe a proper medicine for their patients while a psychologist cannot.

She referred us to Dr. Kowal.

Dr. Kowal is a great doctor we are thankful that he was introduced to us. He told us that hubby is already suffering from a mild depression.

I can’t believe it most especially my hubby but with doctor’s help and explanation we learned how to handle it. Doctor brief us how to handle it and how long the medication may last.

He issued him an antidepressant medicine and at the same time encourages hubby to challenge himself to be productive and discover himself better. From then I’ve seen a big improvement with him.

As per doctor observation hubby is an intelligent guy who needs outlet to release it. That is one of the reasons of his depression.

I am aware that I married an intellectual person which I am proud of but I didn’t imagine the cons of it 🙂

Currently hubby is still under Dr. Kowal supervision but medicine has lessen. Despite this hard situations both emotionally and financially I am still thankful at least we know where we stand hoping that soon he doesn’t need to take that medicine.

So far hubby and I bonding is our blogging hobbies, yes this website is one of the products of our battle from his depression.

If there is any one of you guys who feel having a depression don’t be afraid to seek help from medical professional it would not only save you from pain but also your life.

Feel free to drop me a message in case we are in same situations in life maybe we can help each other.

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