My sad coffee and sad flight to Philippines

Coffee makes me happy and relax, but last January 16, 2020 I would say my coffee is a sad coffee. I couldn’t taste nor smell its addicting aroma.

Something wrong is for sure, there is a problem. Is it the coffee quality? the place? No, the issue is me.

It was my saddest flight back home to my beloved Philippines. For many Overseas Worker flying home is just part of our normal routine. This is one of the exciting time that many of us are looking forward.

However not all flight are happy as it should be, there are many reasons behind of our existence in one flight.

Some are going for vacation, attend emergency situation or worst to see for the last time your love one in the funeral.

The latter was the reason of my co OFW which I met while I was in Mcdo sipping my americano coffee and waiting for my boarding. Her name is Mel from Northern part of Philippines. Her eyes was swollen and you can see how sad, and tired she was. She will be attending the last days of her father funeral.

It was really sad, a life reality that no one can escape. I felt a pinch in my heart. Thinking that all of us and our love one soon will be gone. With this emotions my favorite drink seems tasteless.

Many years back, I never seen myself that I will be going in the same situation that my flight will be a sad flight. However that is the reality that I am in now.

Though my case is not hard as her, but it is awakening call for me.

Awakening in a sense that while I am working abroad and aging, my parents back home is getting older and older day by day. They are getting weak and facing the reality that they are aging, and getting sick.

My father was not well for the past months. We thought it is just a normal stomach problem. Thankfully the new doctor detect it at the earlier stage. However he needs an urgent operation.

All my siblings are not in the country and at the moment I am the only one in position to go back home. I was nervous as I always thought myself that I am not good in taking care of other needs. Especially in terms of medication assistance for sickness. I was anxious if I can really take care of him. If my mom can rely on me when situations worsen. But then I know my daughter love instict will just happen and I will let it do all the best I can do for my parents

In this trip I need to be strong, firm and have my 100 percent presence of mind to assist my mother in all the needed decision for my fathers treatment.

While typing this I was on my 8 hours journey. Feeling tired, but couldn’t sleep as my mind is very active, scared and imagining a lot of things.

I want to pull the hands of the clock to make this travel fast, I want to see and be with them in this time they need me.

Especially my papa:(

3:00am at parents home, couldn’t sleep.

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