Panicuason Hot Spring at the foot of Mt. Isarog Bicol


Panicuason Hot Spring Resort and Nature Adventure Park at the foot of Mt. Isarog

It has been a while now since the last time hubby and I went for a month vacation at his beloved home town, the province of Bicol.

With a lot of things happened before ending the year 2023, I am starting to miss again the natural beauty of our world. The sea, the mountain, the trees and mostly the peace and serenity of simpleness. I know you will agree, when you are surrounded by the beauty of nature you will forget the word stress.

Bicol is close to my heart, since I know this is the province waiting for me and my husband when we decide to settle down outside the busy and stressful life in the city.

Aside from that, Bicol province is really an amazing place. It seems that the beautiful places, their hidden gems are never ending. We’ve always discover places that we never been before, and we were always amaze by their beauty.

While I’m scrolling all my photos from my phone,I’ve seen some of these photos that I never posted yet here in my blog, it seems my schedule occupied me a lot and I almost forgot to share with you guys our beautiful experience at this Hot Spring.

It is the Panicuason Hot Spring.

Panicuason Hot Spring Resort and Nature Adventure Park is located in Mt. Isarog National Park (Panicuason Naga City). This is definitely one of the must to go destination in the city of Naga.

The resort natural hot springs will definitely sooth your tired body and help relaxes your nerves.

The hotness has three levels, depends on your body’s heat tolerance you can choose whatever suits you.

I tried up to the maximum level and for me the most relaxing one is the second level. It is just perfect to relieve my stress and cure my body’s ache.

Aside from soaking in the hot spring, you can also enjoy their natural cold swimming pool with an amazing view of mountain and trees.

Other recreation facility are also available such as; biking, zip lining and more.


We enjoyed our  day trip from 0900 am am up to 0400 pm, but if you wish to stay overnight that would be fine since they also offer cabanas for rent. The room rates starts from Php1300-3500 depends on the size or if you will choose with aircon or electricfan.

The entrance fee is Php 300 for adult (day rate) / Php 350 (night rate)

and Php 150 for kids (10yrs old below)

You can also bring outside food and the corkage fee is Php 250

If in case you need to buy food onsite they have also cafe and small cafeteria

Cottage Fee is between Php200-700 depends on the size

So if you are planning your vacation in Bicol Province you may want to include the Panicuason Hot Spring Resort and Nature Adventure Park on your trip!

If you have any questions you may leave me your message on the comment section and I will be very glad to help you!


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