Top reasons you will hate driving in the Philippines

Driving in the Philippines Top reasons that I and maybe You will hate about

Driving is not just my skill in providing myself of means of transportation, I also see it as part of leisure especially if I will be driving on a long and nice road. For some people who also love driving, we may have the same interpretation of it.

Ever since I always love to drive, it gives me the independence that I can go to any places wherever and whenever I want to.

I am thankful that I experienced living abroad for over a decade and always having fun driving on their excellent road. One of the things that I am longing from Dubai is their freeway, there you can enjoy driving continuously with a minimum of 120 KMPH.

Now that I had moved back to the Philippines, unintentionally there are times that I am comparing the quality of driving here and abroad.

I have many reasons why I hate driving in the Philippine that you probably may hate too.

But I will only mention the top 5 few reasons why I and Youwill hate driving in the Philippines.

Undisciplined Drivers

Most of the drivers are not applying the standard driving rules, they have their own rules and understanding of the traffic law.

Such as;

Not respecting the signal lights, I’ve noticed many are not stopping in the red signal when there is no officer.

Changing lane and braking without considering the distance of other vehicles on all sides

Not giving way even they are on the wrong side.


Too many Traffic Enforcer

My first question when I noticed tons of them on the road was Why?

If you aren’t used to seeing many traffic enforcers on the road while driving this would look so annoying for you.

I know their purpose is to help and assist drivers, but sometimes and based on some of my experience they are the reasons for my confusion that leads to a traffic violation.

The way they wave their hands that means GO looks like calling you or they want you to be confused.

I am not saying this for any reason, but just to share my experience that cost me an amount. This is to warn you so you can maintain your focus on the road and not let them distract you.

We definitely need them on the road, but tons of them in each block isn’t it too much? does Filipino really need many traffic enforcers to maintain the discipline on the road?

Undisciplined pedestrians

Yes, not only some drivers don’t have discipline but pedestrians too.

Pedestrians are unpredictable on crossing the streets. It looks like they are not aware of what danger and serious accidents they might face.

Some are not using the footbridges to cross, and they are choosing to risk their safety crossing illegally.

While others are walking on the side of the drive road instead of the correct walk path.

Leaders may build a safe pedestrian’s way, but it would be useless if we will not use it rightly and accordingly.

And again the aim of protecting pedestrians from an accident will be meaningless.

Always use the pedestrians lane for your own good

Motorcycle flying on the road

I literally feel those fast driving motorcycles on the road are like flying. They are everywhere, left and right.

You wouldn’t even notice that they already in front of you. If before, the king of the road was the jeep now it seems motorcycle took the title.

Most of the motorist are like kings, they don’t care how big your vehicle is, they will do whatever they want.

They will overtake, cut you whenever they want. As long as the situation would be in favor of them even it means an accident for the other driver’s side.

One of the big reasons for heavy traffic are those reckless motorcycle drivers who aren’t using the designated lanes which are made especially made for them

I guess some of them don’t have even a license to drive. That is why they are clueless about what should and not to do.


All means of transportation are on the road

You name it and you can find it. From motorcycle, eBike, Bicycle they are on road, and to think that it is a national road where big trucks and busses are passing by.

Just imagine how big an accident will happen to one in case of unforeseen circumstances. I don’t condemn them to use the road but at least not on the main highway.

Every time I am passing by Quezon City Elliptical Road, I am seeing several guys using a bicycle, they are struggling to cross the roundabout with their two wheels and the force of his muscles trying to drive fast. Imagine they are competing with tons of trucks passing that time. That is so scary.

I forgot the exact place of this photo, it is somewhere Quezon City

I know that I cannot do anything to change my above observations. Those habits on the road already exist from the start. But on my part, I will just try my best in following the traffic rules. My simple obedience might help something even for a little change.

Despite these headaches and challenges on the road here in the Philippines, I will still choose to drive. I just need to be super extra careful and calm every time my hands are on the steering wheels.

And let us just hope that soon profound rules and laws will exist for the benefits of many. And every driver will say that Driving in the Philippines is fun!

Keep safe driving everyone!


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