Amazing Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi

I woke up at 4:00 am yesterday for a long drive to Abu Dhabi, we are so sleepy and exhausted upon reaching the hotel after the almost 2 hours travel from Dubai. Our event was held in one of the luxurious hotels in UAE, The Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi. A few months back, while processing and arranging this event I am very aware that the hotel is 5 star, expensive and extravagant but I didn’t imagine that I would be impressed this much.

The structure really symbolizes the wealth, richness, and power of this country, it is really impressive. I was amazed in every detail I’ve seen in this premises from the entrance to the lobby and the lightning in every corner all compliments to one another.

Because of my job, I’ve been to many hotels in the Emirates including the 7 star but I never been speechless like this.

Emirates Palace (shot from the car no chance to stop here)

Every corner has its own details

Emirates Palace consists of 92 suites out of 394 residences and majority of suites are furnished in gold and marble

One of the terrace

The lobby

Japanese Tea House “Ryokusuian” This teahouse was a gift to Hi Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, from the 15th generation Grand Master of the Urasenke tradition of the Way of Tea, it is a symbol of the friendship and respect shared between Sheikh Mohammed and Dr. Sen and by extension of the goodwill shared between the UAE and Japan.

This premises aim of showcasing Arabian culture, and it really showed in their decorations & utensils

Delicious lunch with this silver fork, I was curious on the brand embossed on it which is (Christofle). Out of curiosity I checked the website and choked on the price 🙂 no wonder why this hotel is expensive. Christofle is a manufacturer of fine silver flatware and home accessories based in France, found in 1830 cheapest fork I found cost around $70.00 / AED257.00

Another side of Emirates Palace, another 5-star Hotel Bab Al Qasr hope to have my footstep there soon.

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