Siamese Attitudes that you need to know before having one

Siamese cat is this the right breed for you?

It was a busy cold season of December, the moment I laid my hand with this cute creature.

He was so small, light, and soft. I couldn’t believe that he was already two months old at that time as he was looking so young.


First-day meeting Bobby

Instead of complaining from the seller, we just embrace him and accepted him happily.

Since this is not our first time taking care of a cat, we are a bit confident that we can take care of him well. Though he was looking weak we are hoping that we can help him to be stronger and healthier.

Siamese food

I will work hard for you sweety so I can buy the food you deserve.

Now, five months have passed and he has grown so fast. Our little fur baby is now a handsome, grown-up playful cat.


Yes, Bobby is so playful, sometimes he is really draining my energy, though I like him being so alive but I didn’t expect that living with him is like having a real young child.

It may sound exaggerating but that is the real trait of this breed. The Siamese cat will give you a lot of surprises, happiness, and a good moment.

However, before deciding in getting yourself a Siamese breed think first so hard and do research about their trait as this might not be the right fur baby for you.

Why do I say that?

From the business cat world of Facebook, Siamese is one of the most in-demand breeds. Not because they love their traits instead Siamese is the most affordable yet cute fur baby you can have.

Sadly, some are just buying this breed for price point reasons. They don’t bother considering their capabilities if they are the right fur- parent for this breed.

But if you are among the responsible fur-parent out there I know you will be interested to read this characteristic of Siamese cat before deciding on getting one. This is important not just for your happiness but for that baby’s comfort and good life.

Siamese Attitudes that you need to know before having one

They are very vocal

If you are imagining a cat who is very cute and like a living stuff toy who will patiently wait for your touch or attention, then Siamese is not meant for you. Siamese is very vocal and knows how to get your attention regardless of time. They will surely let you know if they are bored, hungry, thirsty, or anything. So if you don’t want a demanding cat, you better forget this breed on your list. Unless that waking up in the middle of your nice sleep is fine with you to give him your attention.

His different sleeping position


Just imagine a child who is an intelligent one who has a lot of questions and curiosity. You can actually see that in a siamese breed.

Their curiosity is never-ending until they try whatever that stuff interests them. Interacting with them frequently is needed, be ready on their styles to get your attention.

Being with a siamese baby requires real effort, energy, and time.


Despite they are moody they love the feeling of being with someone most especially their fur parents. Putting them in a cage will never be a good idea for this breed.

If you are always on travel and can’t give enough time to play and let them feel you love them, it is better not to take a Siamese breed.

Siamese is a happy cat, feeling lonely will affect their health badly. In my experience, Bobby always cries whenever he is alone in the room.

One of his road -trip with us around the city


Like the other normal cat, siamese is a playful one, but I think at a higher level. My bobby knows how to catch my attention every time he needs something or just wants to play. He will explore all the stuff he saw from the floor. Even the tiniest wrapper can make him either crazy or active so much for a minute running behind it and playing a lot.

The good thing about them is they don’t need a fancy toy to entertain themselves.

Siamese playing in aquarium

Ooops Bobby please be careful with Daddy’s things.

Anxiety with other cats.

Though siamese is very friendly and affectionate to their parent, it is a bit different story when it comes to their fellow creatures. They have a little anxiety dealing with other cats.

I’ve noticed that when I excitedly introduced Bob to our cat’s neighbor, with the same breed. I was expecting that he will like my idea, would make him happy, or he will be curious to have a fur friend.

Unfortunately, it was a wrong move. I should have observed him first as that situation only stresses him out. After seeing him not so comfortable I hurriedly bring him back home, then he calms down.

Siamese tired

After that, I read few articles to confirm if socializing with other cats is an issue with the Siamese breed. And yes, my assumption was right. So in case you already have a cat at home and plan to get another one, try to consider this factor. I’m sure you wouldn’t like your babies to suffer dealing with one another.

Super Clean

One of the good things about a Siamese breed is they are neat freaks. Comparing their hygiene routine with my previous 2 cats, Bobby is diligent in cleaning himself. That is the reason why he doesn’t have any normal cat smell. And addition to that his fur is so shiny and soft. If you want to have low maintenance cat you would probably enjoy having a Siamese cat.

 Siamese clean fur

They follow their routine

Every morning at the same time, Bobby is waking me up. At first, I can’t believe that he has a routine to follow and a specific time to have his breakfast.

If you will ignore him, he will not stop bothering you, he will jump on the bed, playing with my hair till I give up and gave what he wants. This may sound too much and annoying for some, but when you already used to that you wouldn’t even notice the minutes lost from your sleep.

 Siamese waking me up

Do you still want to have a siamese baby after discovering the above?

The details I shared are based on many reviews of cat experts that I personally experience. This is not to discourage you from owning this breed, in fact, this is just an idea to help you decide, and prepare if you think that you will be good fur-parents to these babies. After all, we know that having them is not just about making us feel happy or relax, it is a long-term commitment that requires our time, effort, and genuine love.

And once you finally decide that “YES a Siamese Baby is for you, then I can guarantee that you will have your best fur companion in your life.


Siamese face

Do you have a Siamese Cat? share us your cute moment with them, you can send it at, and mention why do you think that Siamese is one of the sweetest cat ever! 

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