Cheapest Hong Kong cruise less than $1.00

December 04, 2017-Day 03

SImilar to Dubai Hong Kong offers as well a cheapest cruise less than $1.00, wow is it possible! yes, it is.

With that minimal cost, you can enjoy cruising from Hong Kong to Kowloon side.

While planning our Hong Kong vacation I already include this ferry ride on our third day activity. And this time I want to explore a bit late and roam around only with my Miw.

I predict that third day will be a lazy day because of the two tiring full days activities.

That is why my instruction to Miw we will only move out from bed strictly after 12:00 noon. And that’s what we really did.

Our legs are heavy and unable to move when we woke up. But we have to do the mind over matter power this time and push ourselves.

Sounds unreasonable but we don’t want to waste our time staying in the room the whole day.

So no matter what we have to move and explore Hong Kong together and just enjoy the day.

By 2:00 pm we left the guest house with an empty stomach. Thankfully there are a lot of cafes and restaurant nearby. Before we head off to train going to Central we had our quick lunch somewhere Cause Way bay.

The star ferry station is walking distance from Central it should be 15 minutes walk away. However, we reach the place almost an hour of walking with a step comparable to turtles.

Aside from that as long as we have a chance to stop, sit and rest we are doing it. That day is our free day we are not worrying anymore about the time and schedule. We feel like a bird flying without direction and rules just enjoying the day.

It was a fun and simple day. Every time I remember that moment I started to miss my hubby despite were together I don’t know sounds weird.

Finally around 4:00 PM we reached the station.

Below is the Kowloon view from Hongkong area. We need to take a ferry ride of 10 minutes to reach the other side. We are excited and looking forward to this new sweet remembrance “memories”

And our Journey begins. The morning view is not that much appealing but the feeling of sailing is relaxing for me.

The ferry has been in Hong Kong and shuttling passengers to Tsim Sha Tsui since the late 1800s.

Tourist shopping lovers consider this area as their haven. Massive of bazaars and night market are available here than in Hongkong side. I guess I made good choice of accommodation location this time 🙂

More than the shopping paradise, the tourist must visit and see this area:

I think these pictures are enough more than my description of why you should not miss seeing this spot.

Me falling in love with the view

As much as I want to stand in the harbour but I couldn’t bear it because of tiredness.  I don’t have any choice but to sit down wherever I can.

Me trying to be a vlogger

We didn’t stay that long at Tsim Sha Tsui around 7:00 pm we left the place. Need to meet my brother for a lovely dinner.

Hong Kong lights are so lovely and captivating. We couldn’t control ourselves to took a shot from overpass of this city view.


I saw this Ferris Wheel on our first night and planning to try it before our trip ended. Sadly, we didn’t know that operation is temporary shuts down during our visit.

A week after we left Hong Kong brother told me that they reopen again. Alright, does it mean we need to do a second round of Hong Kong vacation? Hmmm lets see..

What we enjoy about this trip:
  • We saw a lot of Chinese old guy fishing at the Hong Kong Harbor, I think it is their hobby. Watching them is relaxing ( I will be posting their video soon)
  • Talented Chinese street performance in Tsim Sha Tsui. (Never knew they are a good singer, I will be sharing their videos soon)
  • Enjoyable trip not tearing off my pocket.
  • Laughing, fighting, Laugh again and non stop walking with sore feet but all worth it.

Video on my youtube channel


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