Ube Smoothies and Ube Bread Yummy Filipino snacks

Hi Guys, welcome to my new Filipino Food snack blog highlighting the Ube Smoothies.

I have shared in my previous post how I love this flavor so much. It goes well in any kind of dessert and snacks food, either bread, candies, cakes, and more. None other than the famous Purple Yam or Ube in Tagalog.

This flavor, food is really a satisfying Filipino dessert, especially the Ube Halaya. However, cooking Ube Halaya is time and strength consuming, buying a ready one is more practical.

For my none-Filipino reader, this is how the real Ube dessert looks like in case you want to try it.

You can find this in some grocery store that sells Filipino food items, normally in Carrefour.

Many brands are distributing this dessert. It is great as it is easier for many Filipino Ube-lovers to grab one every time they crave for this.

One of my favorites is from the Capricorn brand, their Ube product texture is smooth, and the sweetness is just right.

Ube Smoothies main ingredient

You can enjoy your Ube-Halaya in different ways. Either bread spread, or toppings to other Filipino sweet cold desserts (halo-halo) good for this hot weather.

Making a home-made (Halo-Halo) is a big no for me in this situation, practicality wise. I just decided to make Ube Smoothie. Yes, you read it right, this can be a smoothie too. Such a useful dessert.

My Ube Smoothies satisfy my cravings for the Halo-Halo or the Magnolia Ice Cream Ube flavor.

Ube Smoothies with a little milk

  • I just blend it with ice cubes, add a little sugar and milk. And here you go Ube smoothies in the house are so easy.

Ube Smoothies blend it only

Pairing it with Ube cheese pandesal and ensaymada is just perfect. This is how Filipino munch in the afternoon.

And to share you my new Ube bread found, the taste is great as well especially having it hot (20-30 seconds microwave)

The taste of the Ube flavor is real.

I am so thankful that Filipino food item is just around the corner of UAE. In this simple way, I can feel at home.

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