What activities you miss most during COVID19 Lockdown

What do you miss most during the COVID19 Lockdown, Working, Shopping, or Travelling?

COVID19 lockdown impact is an extremely excessive amount to handle in many aspects, economically, financially and emotionally. A lot of people are lost in their routines, focus, and objectives as nobody is aware when this crisis will finish.

As part of human beings, individuals love to satisfy their wants and passion. But due to these unfortunate situations, there are lots of activities that everyone misses so much to do such as;


Making ready for work day-by-by is part of many lives routine. Having jobs provides self-worth, an achievement for one person especially if that job means security in providing families daily needs. Employees on forced vacation or worst lay off from job undoubtedly miss a lot of getting to work daily.


As the saying “no man is an island”, everybody surely misses being with their families, friends and love ones. The digital communications options cannot replace the joyful emotions we feel being with our loved ones physically.


In this hard time, people are getting concerned about their spirituality. Prior to this crisis, many aren’t prioritizing nor giving importance to their life spiritual aspect. But now, many are looking forward to attending to their churches or house of worship.

Praying the Covid19 Lockdown will finish

A lot of travelers delay their trip due to COVID outbreaks. Some wholeheartedly postponed it but there are who don’t have any choice as the airlines already canceled the flights. Regardless of their reasons, these guys are looking forward to pushing through their travel plans. They might be at home but their mind, imaginations are on the road.

wishing Covid19 Lockdown will end

Wondering where and how those shopaholics feel during the lockdown. Though on-line shopping is definitely accessible some shoppers are not a fan of it. There is a type of shoppers who found shopping physically at the mall more fun, relaxing and enjoyable. For now, do your best to fight that desire to shop dear and better save that penny. Anyways new garments or things look unnecessary at this point.

Dining out

Do you miss that steak, tasty pasta, and mouthwatering dessert at your favorite restaurant badly? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Everyone is craving their comfort foods, but they are aware that Safety is most matter than satisfying their cravings. Maybe this is the time to master your DIY recipe.

Covid19 Lockdown lessen the dining out

For some kids going to school is the last thing they would ever miss, getting up early during school days is hard for them. Staying up late watching their favorite TV shows or playing games endlessly are the things pleasurable for them. COVID19 outbreaks change the kid’s point of view. They realize now how fun learning would be at their schools with their buddies and looking forward to that.

Many would agree that the rules of remaining at the house the whole day for weeks, months during this time are boring and suffocating. That is true, a human cannot live that way. However, this stage is not about how we want to live our life nor about our freedom or rights. This means the safety of many lives, each one of us needs to sacrifice.

Be patient when things all get better everyone can back on their track to enjoy the things they are missing so much. For now, we need to find ways on how to enjoy our life while staying at home.


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