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Zigzag Road to Bicol Atimonan Quezon Province

The zigzag road going to Bicol is one of the challenging road here in the Philippines.

Every time I am planning to drive going to Bicol my father and brother always telling me to avoid this route (Bitukang manok) and use an alternative road instead. But as a human, sometimes our normal reaction when someone is stopping us in trying new things that we are so curious about, the more we are eager to try it. It is either we want to try it simply because we want to challenge ourselves or just want to see things and experience it to believe things we just heard.

The Zigzag Road

Before pursuing my long drive to Bicol I already set my mood, prepared my body and mind to be focus on driving safely. Prayer is my number one strenght, second is I just want to enjoy each moment of this road trip.

When we reached this famous zigzag road of Quezon I did all my best to focus my eyes on the road and not to be distracted with the beautiful sceneries. But still, part of my eyes couldn’t resist the relaxing, and enticing view of the road. It is so amazing!

The view is such perfect if you want to unwind and breath for a while, away from noisy place of Metro Manila.

Though the road is challenging you just have to do your part in driving safely by focusing on driving, and be attentive to the guide who is giving a signal if you have to go or stop. A lot of locals are holding flags, they are waving to guide you and also happily waiting if someone will throw them coins nicely.

Quezon National Forest Park

As we don’t have enough time for stop over, I was contented for that quick moment to even have a glimpse of this famous road. A seperate trip to Quezon National Forest Park will be surely included in one of my must visit place in our itinerary once we have our new vacation schedule soon.

This long drive to Bicol is one of my best driving experience so far; aside from the long drive that I’ve been wanting to try for so long the thrill that I experienced and the  beautiful view that I saw, I can say that my 12-14 hours journey are all worth it.

We stopped by at one of the eatery along the beach of Quezon after my challenging drive at the Zigzag road; we had a quick snack and refreshment for another long drive.

Have you experience driving in this Zigzag road? share us your experience.

Quezon City to Bicol fuel cost

Quezon City to Bicol

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