Lights on a Budget at MAFEE MUSHKIL


Lighting can greatly affect the whole atmosphere of your house so ensure you get it perfect!! Choosing the right type of lighting fixture that is purely based on your room’s decor, ceiling height and the intensity of light can transform a room from dull to dashing.

If you want to redesign the brightness of your house despite having to break the bank, these are a few of our best pocket-friendly fittings under AED 500 worth scrolling through at! Whether your style is mid-century modern, rustic, boho chic, or even traditional you will find one of a kind lighting on the website that will fall in line with your style.


01- Lynton Table lamp

Suitable for traditional and modern fashion decoration, Lynton table lamp brings an earthy and elegant decor to your house including its older-bronze finish. From Austria all the way, this elegant solid lamp pairs uniquely with interior gardening accessories or symbolizes your colored exterior gardens. Put on a vintage LED filament bulb with it and enhance the rustic appeal of the table lamp! This table lamp is made of concrete. Who knew concrete table lamps could look so cute?


02- Black Office Table Lamp

Need something on your table that looks really good and that reflects it well?? The Priddy Table lamp is your answer. The classic design along with the functionality makes it a perfect companion for your reading space or home office.


03- Jonathan Table Lamp

Gold adds a lot of luxury to a space specially paired with black. Check out this modern gold and black table lamp for only AED 413! Place it on your bedside table or console, it will add an aura of luxury to your space. It gives you a chance to blend the slender appearance with any room of minimalist theme while adding a hint of luxury.


04- Cocno Pendant lamp

You won’t need to spend a lot to find the perfect ceiling light for your kitchen counter or dining area. Cocno Pendant reflects some of the greatest modern lighting patterns – shiny gold and black matte texture. It provides a cultural sensitivity with a slight touch of glamor.


05- Mareperla Pendant:

The Mareperla Pendant boasts a metallic dome-shaped tone in a black exterior and a dazzling glass-specked interior finish. The height-adjustable cord enables you to alter the fittings according to your lighting needs.


06- Stockbury Table Lamp

This table lamp will fit well with an industrial or vintage setting. Vintage pieces transform homes and give them an instant style makeover. They add a lot of character to any space hence don’t hesitate to use some vintage lighting in your space.


07- Chester tripod table lamp

The Chester tripod table lamp series is really a star. Such a modern design at an amazing value of AED 288 on sale! The colors are so unique and the lamps are straight out of Austria!


08- Bubble table lamp

The bubble table lamp is one of the best sellers these days. The smoky finish will add a lot of modernity and character to your room. To complete the look of your room, pair it up with the bubble floor lamps in the series also available on the website.


09- Terranium table and pendant lamps

If you are searching for an out-of-the-box theme for your table lamp, then look no further as this terrarium table lamp has a magnetic appeal for nature lovers. Setting a garden inside your bedroom just above your nightstand will not be a challenging task, all you need to do is to pick this plant-filled lighting source and put it in a corner where you want to see the beauty and light side. Go green with your choice of a table lamp, place the order now.


10- Antique Pendant lamps

Have you got a knack for Vintage Moroccan fashion and style? If so, our Melilla Antique Pendant lights will immediately capture your consideration with all its iconic design and silver-antique polish. The whole pear-shaped pendant lighting system is constructed from high quality steel. Style inspiration is extracted from traditional building stuff in Morocco, where architects built delicate holes inside each circle in an improved manner. It will strike through the spaces when you switch the lights on, and bring an atmosphere of glitter and perfection into your room. Buy this vintage piece of art, and give your interior a final touch.

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