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Welcome to Pinay Expat!

My name is Katherine, same with you ladies I am a fan of reading blogs about life and experiences. That is my inspiration in creating Pinayexpat.com. I aim to share my personal experience and thoughts from particular services, or products.

I mainly tackle about life lessons and appreciations that I feel helpful and useful for you. On the light side, featuring travel, food and discoveries are my favorites topics.

If you want to reach me, feel free to message me at admin@pinayexpat.com or pinayexpat.com@gmail.com

Let’s get in touch ladies!


Diary was my trusted companion when I was young, to create magazines, or books having my stories are just part of my secret dreams. Who would ever think that time will come everyone can have this chance of sharing their heart and passion to the world. Let’s use our online platforms responsibly!


Why Pinay Expat name? I created this website when I was working abroad, an Expat who loves to explore new places and food tripping so the Pinoy community would have an idea of the ideal place to relax on during their day off.


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