Car Registration in Dubai

Car Registration in Dubai No car testing requirement

Car Registration in Dubai is very important the same as complying with car insurance.

Driving a car without valid registrations is illegal in Dubai, and it will result in penalties and impoundment. Officials are stringent and ensuring that everyone will follow these protocols properly.

For many car owners in UAE, the yearly car registrations is a bit hurtful in the pocket as the cost is not a small amount. So we are really trying our best to allocate funds to it yearly. And of course, car owners are aware that owning a car has a responsibility attached to it. Such as ensuring it has the proper maintenance check-up and the registrations and insurance matters.

But sometimes, no matter how we save for the yearly expenses of it there is a chance that we cannot comply on time. Either they used the funds in a different matter, or they really don’t have the budget for it in that due month.

Regardless of the reasons, it is not acceptable, we need to find ways to follow these rules or face the consequences.

For sure the year 2020 financial status of many people is challenging. The yearly car maintenance, registrations cost might be a real burden and worrying for many.

Dubai 2020 during COVID no need to pay for car testing fee

Thankfully, the UAE government finds ways to support and help residents in this part.

Including me and many citizens here are grateful that we can save a few bucks in Car Registration in Dubai as during the COVID situation where everyone is encouraged to stay home doesn’t need to go in car testing center. They can apply the car-renewal online and no need to pay for the car testing fee.

The amount we can save for this can be used in other important things or essentials.

  • After completing the Car Insurance Processing, you can start processing the car registrations in the RTA portal.
  • The insurance agent will place the Insurance Policy copy in the RTA Portal
  • You just need to click the start registration process, a link for payment will appear. You can pay using your Debit or Credit card
  • Once you made the payment, you will receive the link of your new Mulkiya copy and Registration Certificate in your mobile number. Print it and save a copy on your mobile in case police random checkup happens.

Car Registration in Dubai

I was impressed by doing this step, it was easy and quick. My reaction at the moment I received my new Mulkiya was;

WOW! UAE is really high tech.

If you are due for car registration renewal guys, better to grab this chance before these provisions end.

Source for waiving the car-testing fee

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