Request for Good Conduct Certificate in UAE

Many of our Kabayan are sending private messages to us, on where they can get a Good Conduct Certificate in UAE. Below is the complete information.

This service is provided by Dubai Police


Request for Good Conduct Certificate

Service Description

This Service allows Customers to obtain a Criminal Record Verification “Certificate of Good Conduct” for the purpose of (Work / Study / Immigration / Naturalization / Marriage / Permission or License / Rehabilitation / Changing of Name).

Service Requirements

1. Applicant’s Fingerprints in one of the Police Stations or Department of Criminal Investigation and they must have a clean Criminal Record in order to get that certificate.

Service Fees

1. Good Conduct Certificate for UAE Citizens: 100.0 AED
2. Good Conduct Certificate for outside UAE: 300.0 AED
3. Good Conduct Certificate for expatriates: 200.0 AED

This service is provided by

Enhanced Offline
Traditional Offline Channel:
Web – Click Here
Post – Please send your certified fingerprint, together with the transaction number and required attachments, to:
Over the counter –
Other – Mobile Version & Mobile Application
mPhone Native – 20
Mobile Specific Website – Here!

Service Center

Customer Care Email:
Customer Care Phone: Call 901
Customer Care Fax: 042171717
Customer Care Working Hours: 24 hours

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