Armenia Trip Day 3&4 – Mt. Ararat, Garni Temple, Authentic Armenian Food


Day 03:

All of us planned to make our third day in Armenia to be more relax and chill. We decided to have only two major activities that day as we all want to rest a bit early. As you know all of us are working hard in Dubai 08-10 hours a day in a stressful environment.

So this our chance just to lay down in bed think nothing about work and enjoy munching our Armenian snacks.

Our first activity was a road trip and sightseeing at Mt. Ararat.

I never imagine in my life that I would ever have a chance to see this mountain. How could I think of it this is so far from the Philippines.


The picturesque, Armenia Mt Ararat.

Armenia Mt Ararat view

Armenia Mt Ararat so happy to see it

Armenia Mt Ararat

Armenia Mt Ararat I dont want to go

After 2 hours of roaming around, we went back to the city to have our sumptuous lunch. We had it in one of their best affordable restaurants the Tavern Yerevan.

We couldn’t control ourselves comparing the prices of their foods in Dubai. It is totally less expensive but the quality and options are great.

I couldn’t exactly remember what we ordered but it has a lot of barbeques, bread, fish, and salads. One thing that is always not missing in our table is having a wine along with the meal. In our culture, it is definitely unusual but here in Armenia, it looks it is always part of their meal. So for us to fully feel the spirit of the Armenia tour we had to act as a local one.

Another good thing in Tavern Yerevan is you have an option to dine in one of their private room. We are really glad to follow our guide recommendation.

Day 04:

This is the most memorable and adventurous during that trip. Were supposed to have three major destinations such as Garni’s temple, Areni Winery, and The Wings of Tatev. But due to unexpected matters, we only did the first two.

1st stop at the Garni’s temple.

I actually hesitated to drop by at this place as I know it is a place of people who don’t believe in God back then. But that was all in the past nowadays it is just a normal structure showing the history.

2nd stop at Areni Winery for wine tasting and lunch.

Before having our lunch, the team tours us around in their wine factory. Tour is provided for free for all customers having lunch with them.

Our lunch was set in their open terrace with full of Armenian fresh dishes.

After lunch, all of us bought our wines for gifts and souvenirs. Hubby and I kept the two bottles for our memories. We are preserving it and planning to drink on its 10th anniversary.

Along our way to Areni we got a chance to have a stopover in different farms.

We never thought that we will have a chance to see these fruits upclose still on its tree.

Armenia Mt Ararat peach farm

Armenia Mt Ararat pear farm

Armenia Mt Ararat grape farm

We could say that we are all satisfied with this tour.

Below are some of the photos we had during a stopover.

Armenia Mt Ararat sandy

Armenia Mt Ararat small hills

Armenia Mt Ararat grass

Armenia Mt Ararat another amazing view

And now we’re all heads up to final stop at Wings of Tatev.

Armenia Mt Ararat view from Syunik

Unfortunately, we didn’t make it. Due to a few roads closes that time our guide was a bit lost finding the right way till we run of time reaching the final stop on time.

The company insisted to go back to Yerevan and just come back the following day. But we all disagree despite we didn’t bring extra clothes we all decided just to have overnight in Syunik province. I think it is best rather than traveling back and forth to Yerevan. Thankfully we found a cheaper hostel near Wings of Tatev.


Day 05 & 06 – last days

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