My last 2 days at Armenia

Continuation of;

Our Armenia vacation is about to end we have to maximize our last two days!

Day 05:

As I mentioned we missed reaching the Wings of Tatev on time yesterday due to a road closed. We manage to reach the place but it was past 5:00 pm. The park is about to close and not accepting visitor anymore.

It was our mistake as we didn’t follow the guide suggestion and insisting our wants.

No matter what happened we don’t want to ruin our day blaming each other. This is just a petty thing to fight over and waste the happy moments we had during our travel. So we took a deep breath inhale and exhale and totally calm down ourselves.

We have to think the best way of how we will not miss this activity.

As per my research Armenia tour would be incomplete if you will not experience the Wings of Tatev cable car. This is the world record longest non-stop double track cable car. That is why we decided just to have an overnight in Syunik Province.

Thankfully we found a guest hostel nearby with the reasonable cost of AED100.00 per night including breakfast for two. We are glad experiencing sleeping in this house owned by Armenian old lovely couple. In here we had the chance to feel and see deeply the Armenia’s culture and lifestyle. It is simpler comparing to the apartment we had in Yerevan.

The couple seems a morning person and starting their day so early. By 07:00 am our yummy breakfast are all set. I couldn’t forget how delicious the homemade coffee with honey they served along with fresh bread, sausages, and salad.

After that superb meal, we say goodbye to the two lovebirds and head up to Wings of Tatev.

The travel and overnight stay are all worth it seeing this view. Our ride was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and really fulfilling.

Note: Unfortunately we don’t have extra clothes with us. Sounds disgusting but it’s fine as we really don’t have a choice. Thanks to the nice weather our clothes stills smell good 🙂

We left the place around 1:00 pm with a satisfied heart and mind. What a memorable experience for us.

Before reaching back Yerevan we explore as much as we could the Syunik province. We did a lot of stopover in every beautiful view we saw.

By 08:00 pm we finally reach safely the city of Yerevan. We had our last Armenian dinner at Tavern Yerevan but in a different branch and has live entertainment.

Day 06:

Our last day we are all excited to go back to Dubai as we know that is the reality. But still, we are a bit sad as we will be missing this beautiful country.

We still have enough time to do few things from morning till afternoon as our flight time is 4:00 pm. After checking out we proceeded to the flea market to buy souvenirs for friends and ourselves.

I saw a lot of cute that I wish I bought. But that time it was unpractical for us. So we just stick to traditional souvenirs such as shirts, keychain, mug and ref magnet having Armenia landmark on it.

Then, we went back to republic square to see and have a photo in morning view.

Our last stop was in Genocide.

The saddest and heartbreaking part of our itinerary. From there we learned the hard and painful history of Armenians.

Thankfully those years of wickedness are over you will never see the trace of it in modern Armenia.

Simple things I realized during my Armenia Travel.

  • Balancing is one of the keys to be happy in life. Our life doesn’t only evolve at work and responsibility everyone deserves a simple break like this to maintain positivity
  • Everyone wants to have a perfect vacation, but we don’t have control in everything. It is always up to us how we can treat our vacation a perfect one.
  • Culture and nationality differences will never be an issue if you know how to show respect at all times.

This travel inspires us to work, live simple, save and look for another chance to explore the world!

Looking forward to my next travel destination 🙂


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