Dubai Miracle Garden During COVID 19, planning to go?

Dubai Miracle Garden During COVID 19, planning to go?

Dubai’s famous garden will be opening and give joy again for residents and tourists starting November 01, 2020.

Many are for sure looking forward to seeing what is new in the 72,000 sqm garden.

Dubai Miracle Garden is considered one of the best destinations in the UAE, and the world’s largest natural flower garden,

If you have a plan visiting Dubai, don’t forget to include Miracle Garden in your itinerary. Unless you want to miss the chance of seeing the mesmerizing garden in full bloom with its 150 million flowers.

While for those who had been here many times, you still have the reason of visiting it again. Since every year Miracle Garden ensures that visitors will be delighted in their yearly visit by adding and creating new flower designs.

Some of the new attractions this year includes;

Colorful 18metre high Mickey Mouse floral structure, and the 12metre high Big Teddy Bear structure with thousands of fresh flowers and plants.

Aside from these two, for sure, there are more new attractions that Miracle Garden prepares for everyone.


Miracle Garden Dubai

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Miracle Garden during COVID-19

However, this year would be a new experience for everyone due to the COVID-19 situation. Some of you might hesitate to visit the park at this time, but nothing to worry about as Miracle Garden will be doing their best implementing the health protocols strictly.

  • All visitor’s body temperature will be check before they can enter the garden.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available in all areas
  • The team will monitor that all visitor are following the social distancing
Timings and Schedule

Open daily from 09:00 am until 09:00 pm (weekdays)

09:00am until 11:00 pm during weekends (Friday, Saturday, and during holidays)

12 yrs old and above entrance fee is AED55.00 each

And for 12 yrs and below, the price is AED40.00 each

While children below 03 years old can access the park for free, same with people of determination.

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