Work with pleasure for me as always – Another successful event at The Palace Downtown

Such a long day for me this day, since Six in the morning I was already on the road to attend and manage our new event which held in The Palace Downtown Dubai. This is our first time to conduct the event with their property, delegates seem satisfied with the venue, foods, and program.

As always my legs are now so painful not really used to wear stilettos, I normally wear flats or rubber shoes during normal days at work we have a very cool and casual boss as long as we look presentable he doesn’t mind our choice of clothing.

I would like to share with you guys some of the photos I took, the view from the meeting room are really amazing.

(Photos are taken during my break & after the event 🙂 )

The Palace Downtown outdoor pool

Who will not recognize this, the stunning Burj Khalifa

Hotel Entrance

Hotel Lobby

I love their furniture, wood & antique touch

I like it

breakfast with this view

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