Four Seasons Hotel Jumeirah Dubai a definition of luxury.

This is my second time to do an event in Four Seasons Jumeirah, however during my first visit I wasn’t able to find time doing some photography as it was a bit tough event and no chance to even blink our eyes.

That is why I grab every chance I could to take some photos during our event 2 days back.

Four Seasons Jumeirah is an added 5-star hotel in Dubai, it is set on pristine, natural beach in Jumeirah 2. It blends Arabic design with cool contemporary style, creating an atmosphere of light, sophisticated a truly definition of  luxury and a must to stay hotel in Dubai for those who can afford to.

Upon entering the lobby this view will welcome you.

The designs look very neat and complement to each color.

Shai Salon, a stylish meeting place located in lobby area. It offers sumptuous sofas and chairs, creating intimate areas to talk and relax, this is also a perfect setting to enjoy tea coffee and some sweets while listening to a relaxing music played by cellist. 

Link for their menu Shai Salon Menu

My work station looks like every time we are having medium scale event, looks clean and calm but when the delegates started to arrived we are like a grasshopper jumping from one place to another. Despite of it I am still having fun when I am handling the event onsite, the stress and challenge we are facing is a bit different when we are in office and of course the chance of experiencing different places is a bonus to it.

Coffee break station, I super like their raisin’s croissant.

Love this interesting decor pieces

Finally, the seminar is over, it is time for us to pack up all our things and do summary report. Then, it is our time to have our lunch and of course to roam around a bit in the area.

We had our lunch in their Suq Restaurant

Suq outdoor setting area.

Each cuisine type has their own station.

Main Course Station

Another Main course station, the chefs are so accommodating.

My favorite, sweets station

My joy

The green station love their salads

Different cheese station

Bread station

I know you are imagining that I ate a lot, but not that much these are the only foods I took during lunch I am a bit full as I had few breads and juices while waiting for the delegates meeting to end.

I had sea food’s salad, dim sums, rice with beef and broccoli, lemon ice tea and my ice cream choco dessert with nuts.

We are satisfied on their food’s taste and choices are really rich to choose from, after enjoying our lunch we are about to go home but I need to walk a little to digest all the foods I had for the day. I walked around the resort to check the beach and pool.

Then, I realized what I am doing in this area I am jealous of those people relaxing under the sun and enjoying the beach

Their cabana

The view from their cabanas, these relaxing swimming pool, and beach

1 of their 3 swimming pools

Their private beach

Another pool

Beach bar

Way back to hotel

This is another memorable event for me, new knowledge and new experience.

We left the hotel around 4 pm, I am exhausted and really sleepy but still want to go somewhere, since I haven’t seen the new Dubai Canal Boardwalk I decided to quickly drop by and took few photos which I will be posting in my next blog 🙂


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