Hatta Dam – one of UAE’s Best

Living in UAE for more than ten years I always thought that I already explore this country so much.

But definitely I am wrong. There are lot of places that waiting for my foot step, a place that will add a memorable experience in my heart. A place that I didn’t discover yet or I may not aware exist in this country. Wherever it may be for sure my adventurous soul will find way to discover it.

Don’t be deceive that UAE is just about having tons of manmade attractions, tallest towers, biggest mall etc, instead this country is same with other countries that has its unique natural sceneries that we can all appreciate.

Hatta Welcome Sign

Take example of this picturesque Dam of Hatta.

I saw it many times from the internet but no chance to visit it. Recently I finally had a chance to witness it beauty.

The 3 hours drive from Dubai is worth it. Despite the extreme hot season of this month I can truly say it is one of the UAE’s best.

Beautiful rocky mountains complement to make this Dam such a lovely view.

Another great thing is there is no entrance fee at all.

However if you want to try some of the available activities such as kayakking and boat ride there is a minimum fee of AED60.00 per person

If not because of summer season I will definitely give it a try. But that time my body couldn’t tolerate the humidity and hot weather. Nevertheless my eyes truly had fun.

If anyone one of you guys who would like to meet DAM it is definitely worth seeing for. But I suggest try it in a bit colder season it would surely more enjoyable.

Video Clip

We will definitely be back, see you there 🙂

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