Motiongate Dubai – summer time 2019

Twenty years back I was wishing that time would fly fast, very fast

I wanted to finish my schooling as early as possible, find work and live independently.

Now that I’m in my mid-thirties, and fulfill the above I am thinking why life seems so fast? My mind and heart feel that I’m still in the twenties stage but my body says those days were gone.

All of us definitely feel the same way, who wouldn’t miss the stress-free and simple life?. I never thought that adult life is a bit difficult and full of challenges.

But this is the life reality that all of us would be facing, no one can escape.

So, instead of focusing on the stress and problems we have, let’s just try to find ways on how we can enjoy and feel young again once in a while.

It depends on one person how she can do it. Many would agree that a simple visit to a theme park might be a good idea.

Good thing that Dubai has a lot of Theme Parks to offer. Though the ticket cost is a bit pricey, if this will help you get motivated and relax it is definitely worth trying for. Take advantage of the promotion that they are advertising online from time to time!

MOTIONGATE Dubai Parks is one of the well-known theme parks in Dubai that many are looking forward to visit.

Recently I had finally the chance to experience it. Though summer season is surely not the best time, hubby and I couldn’t miss the good deal we’ve got. πŸ™‚ no cost at all, thanks to a good friend.

So here you go, PinayExpat exploring the park, sweating but had fun:)

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