Jebel Hafeet looks like in summer time

When people hear the country of the United Arab Emirates number one that popped in their mind is Dubai.

It is not a surprise at all since Dubai is a very popular city in the world.

But UAE is not only about Dubai there are many must-visit areas as well in other parts of Emirates. One of them is Al Ain under Abu Dhabi.

The famous spot in Al Ain is none other than the Jebel Hafeet.

Though this mountain is a must visit place but definitely not in the summer seasons.

I never thought that I would be experiencing visiting the peak in this hot weather. It was last September 23, 2017 a lazy Saturday for me.

My plan was to stay at home the whole day and do my house chores. However hubby has a work that day in Al Ain which he needs to attend.

He was lazy to drive all the way to Al Ain city alone knowing I am just at home. So he asked me to go with him, I immediately agreed.

Behind my playful mind, I was already planning a quick drive to Jebel Hafeet to see how it looks like during a summer season.

And here you go, guys, despite the sunny weather it is still beautiful. The place was so silent as far as I remember I only saw 3 cars that time.

Maybe by late afternoon, few people will start to come.

At the Top of Jebel Hafeet it was so peaceful.

The only cafe at the top where you can buy cold drinks and quick light snack.

I really want to stay longer but was afraid to be dehydrated.

Hopefully, I can go back this coming winter I would like to revisit it by morning and night time.
The last time I went here during cold season was 2009 but never been experience exploring it in the night.
Let see if I can make it:)

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