Seoul Garden Authentic Korean Restaurant in Dubai

Since the Korean drama series hit the Philippines markets many Filipinos became addicted to Koreans.

What do Filipinos get crazy about the Koreans?

  • The Korean talents on how do the actors and actresses portray each character that really touches our hearts.
  • Many of us fell in love with the Korean beauty products because of their smooth and glowing skins.
  • Their beautiful country that most of us want to visit
  • And most of it their super looking good foods.

For hubby and I, we really wanted to visit this country to experience just walking around the city, enjoying the view and weather while eating a lot of their mouthwatering street foods.

But for the moment we would be contented on satisfying our foods craving by having it in one of the authentic Korean restaurants here in Dubai.

It is the Seoul Garden Restaurant.
(Located in Zomorodah Building in Zabeel Road Al Karama)

This is one of the many rising Korean Resto here in Dubai.

I was really craving for Korean foods last Saturday/September 16, 2017. But hubby was not in the mood to go out.

As expected he can’t resist his mimiw charm. Around 06:30 PM he asked me to get ready and we will go for a Korean Dinner.

But he has a condition that I would drive for him. Though I am not as well in the mood of driving but for the sake of Korean foods and my cravings I will do it ūüôā

We ordered Chadolbaki, Kimchi soup, and steam rice. These are enough since the Korean foods have a lot of side dishes and it is refillable.

The side dishes

Supper yummy soup

We prefer a super well done

Another reason why we love Korean restaurant is the concept of having the portable stove in front you and you have the option to fry your beef etc on your own. It is so relaxing for us.

This is one of the private room.

Our meal ended with their complimentary cinnamon tea which is so tasty.

Thank for the dinner treat my hubby until next time ūüôā

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