Malunggay Miracle Tree is Free from my Father’s Garden

Malunggay The Miracle Tree is Free from my Father’s Garden

Known as a miracle tree because of its abundant health benefits. This tree only grows in a tropical country and many are thankful that the Philippines has it. None other than the Moringa Oleifera or Malunggay.

One of its distinct benefits is, it promotes milk production in nursing mothers.

More than that it helps also strengthen the bones especially for growing children and older people due to high calcium content.

When I was still in UAE, Malunggay is one of my favorites add on in my recipe.  To compare to other vegetables this one is a bit costly, the price per bunch is AED 5.00 Р7.00. However, it is not available in all grocery stores. You need to go to the specific grocery if you want to have it along with your meal.

While here in the Philippines, some don’t even give so much appreciation on it because it is available almost everywhere

Like me, I was not aware that my father has a Malunngay tree in his small garden.

When my mom cooks last time a dish with it, I even asked her how much the Malunggay cost in the wet market.

She laughs and said “I just took it from the garden. I was surprised and asking her since when she has that tree.. to cut the long funny conversation it has been there for many years.

But due to I’m not paying attention when I’m on vacation I haven’t noticed it. I am thankful to have it here for free, adding Malunggay in my favorite seafood with coconut milk would be great.

Indeed our country is rich with a lot of natural resources that we can be proud of. And Malunggay is one of them.


Want to know further details of Malunggay health benefits? click this link

If you want to have a healthy simple soup, try the pumpkin soup with Malunggay.

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