Reservation Agent Job, The basic requirements and roles

Reservation Agent Job, The basic requirements and roles

It is true that the tourism industry today may seem falling apart due to the pandemic facing the world, however, it is certain that it will not completely disappear. Gradually, they can recover, we are not just sure when and how but surely they will rise up.

The tourism sector such as airlines, tour operator companies, and hotels will always be part of the economy. It is impossible to lose it, that is how important tourism is in a country.

So let’s patiently wait for everything to go well, the former vibrant life of tourism will rise and give people more jobs again.

Now many are not working and waiting for a new chance, if you are aiming in the future to be part of the tourism industry take this chance to start researching a suitable job for you in this industry.

In the hotel, one of the promising starting positions is to be part of the customer service team. The reservation department is one of them, being a reservation agent will lead you to a hotel upper position, whether to be in a managerial position or to the sales field.

If you are planning to pursue a career as a reservation agent, you should know first what are the requirements for you to get that job.

The basics are the below;

  • Having good comprehension and analyzation skills
  • Knowledge in using computer
  • Very attentive to details
  • Organized
  • Working with passion

Yes, the requirements are easy and not looking for very high skills, as the job is not rocket science, everyone can easily learn the nature of this job. Your determination, patience, and love in customer service jobs are the keys for you to succeed in this field.

Reservation Agent Job Role

Why do you need to have good comprehension and analyzation skills?
  • As a reservation agent, you will be responsible for processing all the reservation request from the inquiry that you receives by phone or email. As a hotel standard, a quick and precise reply should be done in a given time.
  • Changes, postponement, and cancellation are normal for any bookings. Avoid confusion in case there are changes in the details.
  • You should know, what to offer to guests and not. (ex. room type, room restrictions, bed type)
  • Room type, room rate, special rate, and cancellation policies are some of the important points you should fully understand.
  • Being a good customer service doesn’t only mean providing the best service to the guest, this will be done along with company standard rules. Knowing the proper company procedures when addressing guest concerns should always on consideration.
  • Follow sales techniques to maximize revenue, and company policies and procedures.
Knowledgeable in using computer
  • it is not necessary to be an expert, but having a good knowledge of using it is an advantage. Why? the computer will be the main tool of the reservation agent. Replying to the client’s inquiry will be done using a computer, with specific software. Mostly are using MSOutlook office.
  • Each hotel has its own booking system, it is easy to learn if you know how a computer works.
  • The hotel booking systems has all the records of booker, their booking and changes. In case you need to trace any changes, your good computer knowledge will be beneficial for you.
  • The hotel team will only rely on your knowledge and skills of putting and accessing data in the booking system. So you should be extra careful with all the details, correct code, an applicable rate that are mention in each guest file. (e.g: complimentary rooms, discounts, VIP etc)
Attentive to details:
  • Guests are the king and queen of the hotel industry, their request, requirements no matter how small it is should always on a note and reminder.
  • There are guests who will request you to put them on a high or low floor, non or smoking room, twin or single bedroom, and more. If you will not be paying attention to these details, it might cause problems in the time of guest check-in.
  • Knowing your property very well is a must, in case the guest asks you about the facilities and services, you know what to answer them having confidence
  • As a reservation agent, you will be handling many guest bookings. In 5 stars hotels, individual and group bookings are taking care of by different departments. But for non-worldwide hotel chains, these two types of bookings are handle by the same agent. There will be days that you may feel those many details are confusing and suffocating. Being neat will help your life if you know how to properly arrange an email communications thread. And in case you need to trace back the changes or update records, it is easier for you.

And the most important skills you should have

Working with passion
  • In all types of work, passion is the key to love it and succeed in it. I think it is applicable more in the hospitality industry, as their aim is to give high value to their guest. In this field you will encounter different people, some are good while most are demanding and hard to deal with. No matter how you feel towards them, you should treat each guest in a professional and special way. I guess you can only do this if you have a passion for your work.

Surely there is more information that you need to learn, but the above are the basic and important ones. You can learn the other details when working onsite. And you can master the skills while working longer with the reservation department.

Wishing you a good opportunity with the hospitality industry!

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