My quick happy trip at Oman, overnight is it worth it?

Just recently my footstep touched down Oman. I am thankful that I have the chance to experience this beautiful city.

My trip was actually a work-related thing, I went there to handle an event for our client. Despite this is not a personal travel I don’t want to miss the chance of at least explore the place even for a short while.

Before my flight back to UAE, I ensure to had a quick exploration of the place.

Below the quick video of how Muscat Oman looks like.

Before this exploration, I was actually busy and exhausted from work. But the fact that I really love and enjoying my work I still have the energy to enjoy each moment.

The summary of my trip:

-I was a bit nervous in this travel as it was my first time to apply for the Oman E visa. Eligibility to apply for this visa depends on the nationality and your current UAE/Gulf country residence visa.  There is as well a  certain job position that one must have to grant this visa type.

You can apply for the E visa in this link

-Double check and ensure that you will fill up all the required information at the visa application form. I encountered a minor issue at the Immigration counter.

According to them, I missed to fill up my passport number in the form. I was confident that I filled up everything and explain to him and justify that how possible they grant me the visa if there is a serious mistake from my side. I even attached all the needed documents to their portal. Glad everything went well and they allowed me to enter.

-In regards to the money conversion, I suggest you change your money to Oman Riyal from the point of travel. I really lost a lot with their huge conversion and service fee.

-If you didn’t arrange your airport pick up from the hotel side, nothing to worry about there are tons of taxis at the airport. From the Muscat Airport to Ruwi area I paid about OMR13-15.

-I left UAE by 6:00 PM and reached the hotel by 8:30 PM.

-Upon reaching the hotel all the suppliers are there waiting for me. I am thankful that they are really helpful and assisted me.

-After meeting the suppliers and collect all the material needed for our event I set up few things in the meeting room as much as possible.

-Around 11:00 PM I finished the setup and finally on the way to my room.

-My hotel accommodation was in Sheraton Oman. I was happy to hear from the receptionist that from the standard room they will upgrade my room to a Jr. Suite room.

-As much as I wanted to have a dinner I really don’t have the energy to do it. So, instead of having a heavy meal I just enjoy the welcome fruit platter. It has been a while I am not eating any fruits, (not a fan except for grapes) this is a good timing.

-I got up around 06:00 am on the following day and ready to start my work by 06:30 am.

-The event started by 09:00 am and ended by 2:00 PM

– After the event, I made sure that I will have a time to explore and see what’s in this country

-5:30 PM I was already in the airport for my 8:00 PM flight back to Dubai

-I am happy and thankful for this experience. Each country has really their own beauty and charm and for me, those rocky mountains in their city are really beautiful and their pride.

Hopefully, soon I will have the chance to revisit Oman and explore the place longer.

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