Exploring Ajman – Al Rashidyeah Park

When your burnout and feels like the storm is never ending don’t panic, calm down and think for your survival.

Stop for a while and think what you should do. Comparing to an actual storm maybe we need an umbrella to protect us from getting fully wet. A good jacket to make us feel warm or a strong roof to lessen our worries and make us feel safe.

Our life is full of stress, pressures, trials and tons of problem sometimes all we need to do is to remain positive. Especially if we think that we cannot do anything about it. On top of that, the most important is to pray hard and throw all our burden to our Creator. He is like our strong roof who will protect us and make us feel safer.

While doing that we can also do our part of helping ourselves in regaining the joy. Try to go out and find a place that will relax you for a while. Maybe you need to be alone to meditate and analyze what step you should do. Being an adult I realize the importance of giving myself an alone time. We never know sometimes a moment of silence is the best answer to our problems.

That is what I exactly did during my last day off. I ensure to recharge my self by visiting the park. It was a simple and relaxing day. I found myself on the bench, watching the kids playing happily, feeling the bit cold wind while hearing the sounds of the birds.

After that, I feel a bit better. 

I know that it didn’t remove the actual problem but at least that few moments helps me to realize that there are a lot of things I should be thankful about. Life is really great it would be a waste if we will let the problems defeat us.


Good thing that the Al Rashidyeah Park is just opposite our house.

It is a simple exclusive family park, with basic playground for kids a lot of benches to sit on and few small cafeteria in case you got hungry or thirsty.Entrance fee is AED 2.00

My Mee Time @  Ajman Park


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