Simple, Cute Shirt with a timely message of positivity

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow

The year 2020 is just too much, this year would be memorable in our generation.

From the start of this year, a lot of things happened that impact many people’s lives. Extreme sadness, disappointment, and failure are some of the words to express the start of 2020.

Despite, the negative emotions worldwide there are many who are not losing hope and looking forward to the future positively.

With the right attitude, and motivation we know all of us can bounce up back from whatever failure we are in now.

We just need to trust Above, learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for a better tomorrow. All will be better soon:)

Meditating this message gives back my optimistic vibe, and I want people to feel the same as I do. Whatever hard situation we are in now we can still smile.

Just happy I found these cute shirts!

PinayExpat Positive Tshirt

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