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Cost of Depression Treatment in Dubai, UAE

Cost of Depression Treatment in UAE.

COVID 19 brings so much pain and tragedy in many people’s lives.

Most would agree that the Year 2020 is so hard for everyone, many suffer from financial as they lost their job. And others are grieving losing their loved ones.

Whatever situation we are in due to this pandemic, one thing is definitely sure, our mental and emotional aspects are suffering as well.

Many people now are having anxiety, being paranoid, and panic attack syndrome. Sadly people have to bear this pain while fighting hard to survive in daily needs.

Overseas Filipino Workers are not exempted from this. In fact, many of them feel already the impact as early as the beginning of the year, they lose their job unexpectedly. They are suffering emotionally as many of them got a lot of obligations on top of their head. Most of OFW families are relying on them financially, but due to this unexpected pandemic, many OFW’s are not ready for this situation. They are anxious about what to do, how to do a lot of things.

Funds to start their life again in the Philippines are not sure yet where to get from, plus the daily expenses they need to face back home. In addition to that is their daily survival from their host country as many are still waiting for their flight.

Thinking about this situation is frustrating.

But we do not have any choice, but to remain strong as much as we can. We need to ensure taking care of ourselves and avoid affecting our emotions so much. We need to do this to prevent our emotional problem to lead to serious clinical depression.

When the depression hits you, it would be totally hard to fight as no one can understand you so much.

And aside from that, medication is expensive as well.

Here in UAE, many Filipino workers are having depression according to my husband’s doctor. However, due to some matters, they are not having their check-up regularly. One of the factors is the cost, the amount is not just a simple amount that everyone can sustain.

They chose to save that money to send to their families instead of using it treating their conditions. It is commendable that they really love their families, but it is so sad as they are risking their lives badly.

Anyways, would like to share with you guys some ideas on what is the cost of depression treatment here in the UAE, in case you are having depression or your loved one, and want to know some details.

Cost of Depression Treatment:

Doctor’s Fee

This depends on how frequent your treatment would be. It is done monthly during the first few stages. Depends on the patient progress Doctor might require you to visit him every two months.

Doctor’s fee ranges between AED 500.00 – AED 750.00 I guess this depends on the doctor’s caliber and clinic location. My husband’s doctor is a specialist in this matter and base at Health Care City.


The price varies depends on which medicine your doctor will be prescribing. Some of the medicine which I am very familiar with the cost now are the;

Efexor 75mg @ AED92.50, Lexotanil 3mg @ AED17.00 and Valdoxan 25mg @ AED167.50. Rivotril @ AED20.00 and Xanax which is the cheapest less than AED 10.00

cost of depression
Additional Fee

Time to time the Doctor might ask for an additional blood test for ECG, kidney and etc.

In a rough estimate, our monthly Cost of Depression treatments is AED 700.00. This is not a simple amount for a normal worker like us. We can use this amount for many things or put on savings for the future, but we don’t want to feel any regret on this amount as this is a serious health matter.

If only insurance companies will include this condition in their coverage, it would be easy for the patient to do a monthly treatment. Their recovery would be faster for sure.

Hubby and I are just thankful that we have a regular job to support this easily, a matter of strict budget is needed.

All of us should not underestimate this condition, it means life.

Are you or your partner suffering from depression? don’t give up you can help them

  • The above medicines are based on our case, never do self-medication. Always consult a doctor before taking any medicine.

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