Affordable Insurance in the Philippines that you need to know

Affordable Insurance in the Philippines that you need to know

In the Philippines, one of the least priorities of many is getting life or health insurance. There are various reasons why many are hesitant to have one, some of those are;

-Price point
-They do not fully understand the importance of insurance
-The insurance salesperson is intimidating

Why do I think that the above are some of the hindrances for one to get insurance? Let me share with you a short point about each reason.

There are some Filipinos who are actually want to have insurance but the price point is their concern. They have the impression that insurance is expensive, it might be true especially for the average income earners.

Adding the insurance cost to their monthly overhead is not easy to adjust. But if you will be researching or simply watch a vlog from a different insurance salesperson, you will discover that you don’t actually need to spend a monthly big amount for your insurance.

Depends on your target insurance and coverage you can avail yourself as low as Php 60.00

Yes, that is correct there is the basic insurance that is lower than your value meal. This type of insurance is easy to purchase and activate.

The policy copy can be in your email as quickly as you can imagine.

This insurance is the prepaid type of insurance. You can buy separately for an accident, or health insurance depends on your preference and budget.

Though the coverage of this insurance is low compare to the standard insurance, this is good enough rather than nothing especially if your concern is the budget.

The advantage of prepaid insurance is it is affordable and one-time payment only, which covers you for 1 year.

While the second hindrances are, there are some Filipino thinking that getting insurance means additional expenses. Or just a waste of money, they don’t fully understand that insurance is protection for themselves and their loved ones in case of unexpected circumstances.

These people need to be educated that getting even the basic insurance should be their priority and look at the benefits of the insurance and do not think that not using the insurance means loss of their money.

If you have this mindset, change it now! Your health and safety are much better than actually using your insurance.

Another factor is some are not confident in dealing with the insurance agent. In what way? base on my experience when I tried to inquire with a different salesperson, they are too pushy in selling their product. They don’t even consider what is the ideal, affordable package that suits their client.

Why do they need to always offer the VUL type? I know they might have a good reason behind it but insisting the minimum monthly amount for ten years terms sounds hard for some simple Filipinos. In the end, the thought of getting insurance will be not their priority anymore as they are not ready for the long-term commitment.

I am not an expert on this matter but I hope insurance agents would be sensible with their client’s needs.

Educating the client should be the passion and always try to offer the best package that suits them. Later on, when they fully grasp the concepts of insurance, they might buy higher insurance option, especially your product

So if you are one of those wanting to have insurance but the budget is not enough yet, you can try to have this prepaid insurance. Later on, you can improve and grow your coverage. What important now is to start understanding the importance of insurance and get one, it is better than nothing.


Affordable Insurance in the Philippines

Have you heard of Maria you can find the below different insurance options as low as Php80.00 with their website.


Affordable Insurance in the Philippines Maria health Affordable Insurance in the Philippines emergency care Affordable Insurance in the Philippines maria health website Affordable Insurance in the Philippines maria health1


JuanLife products are the other insurance I found that affordable and with good amount of coverage

Affordable Insurance in the Philippines Juan Life 300

Affordable Insurance in the Philippines Juan Life 500

Or you can also avail affordable insurance of Sun Life from Lazada website. They have different options for Single to Family package.

Affordable Insurance in the Philippines sun life



This post is not made to sell insurance product, this is only to share the knowledge I learned about the Affordable Insurance in the Philippines such as prepaid insurance

I am not an insurance sales agent and this is not a paid article

Above is just for your reference only

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