Siamese cat Philippines: Living with Bob for 2 months

Siamese cat Philippines: Living with Bob for 2 months

Bob has been with us for almost two months now, and I would say that I am so in love with this little munchkin.

Pets are indeed such lovely creatures of God and a gift to mankind. Undeniably cat is one of the most adorable pets that many of us love so much.

They give fur parents different happiness that is real and unexplainable.


I am not a cat behavior expert, and not very sure if my judgment of their character is correct. But what I noticed with my Bob or the Siamese breed is he acts like a real baby.

He is so sweet, affectionate, and loving kitten. Despite my effort of training him to sleep on his mini bed, he always prefers to sleep and lay down with us.

Siamese cat Philippines sleeping

Hi supposed to be sleeping area, just below bed

Bob is such a clingy cat

Let go of my arm Bob, I need to go back online to work!

Siamese cat Philippines sleeping in arm

Sleeping with my husband’s arm, he feels so relaxed

Siamese cat Philippines sleeping in bed

My husband’s and I bonding moment before sleeping is not only for us now, Bob is always in the middle listening to our stories.

During my online job I am holding this baby who keeps on running around the room

Staying with him the whole day makes me feel I have a real little one to take care of. He loves to run and play from time to time. After his few minutes of activities he will take a nap and will sleep like an innocent baby. That moment will attract my attention to just look at him and be amazed by his cuteness.

When he woke up and again full of energy, I need to be ready for his next crazy moments. And the cycle will just repeat to the following day.

Siamese cat Philippines drama

Don’t be fool with this look, he is just pretending to sleep

Though Bob’s playfulness and craziness are sometimes tiring, there is one thing that is for sure, Bob adds happiness to us. Our little nest is full of love, joy, and life!

Bob’s Essentials

From the day we got him till February 07, Bob’s food is only boiled chicken. That is the instruction from where we bought him, now that he’s already two months old it is time to feed him a healthier daily meal.

I was thinking if Bob will like his new food, or it may be too hard for him. Surprisingly he loves it so much and ate a lot the moment I drop it on his bowl.

Siamese cat Philippines whiskas

Whiskas Kitten food from 2-12 months old

And of course, a daily vitamins is a must

Siamese cat Philippines vitamins

Taking care of a cat or any other pet is not just about their cuteness or joy that gives us. It comes with a responsibility and commitment that we will give them the best love, care, and time.

His best shots for the month of February

Siamese cat Philippines


Do you love this breed too? send us the best photo of your baby and few words why do you think that Siamese Breed is so amazing. I will be featuring your babies photo in this website if I will receive at least total of 10. Include your blog page if you have.


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